Novel Through Women's Eyes: Book Review

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This novel was written by two females, famous by the names Ellen Dubois and Lynn Dumenil. Written and published in 2005, it was focused on a female from an extensive spectrum of subjects, such as religion, ethnicities, countries, and social classes. The book's principal goal is to aid the scholars in realizing that females are an essential component of the United States history. ''Through Women's Eyes'' is introduced to review how race and class influenced women's life through the depression, what sort of labor females had to do during World War II, and how all that impacted the United States' culture. Moreover, it will also present the distinguishing participation that Eleanor Roosevelt thinks women brought to public life since getting the vote. 
How did race and class affect women’s experiences during the depression?
Race and class affected women’s experience during the great depression in some ways. To begin with, during this period, men, who were the breadwinners of their families were forced to take pay cuts to sustain their jobs (Dumenil 487). As a result, women in high social classes had no otherwise but to look for jobs to fill in the openings that were created by their partners to pay cuts. Consequently, African Americans also suffered the worst during this period. They were forced out of jobs which were earlier scorned by the white people making them completely jobless. As a result, African Americans’ rate of unemployment was more than that of white persons by approximately above 50 percent (Blacks and the Great Depression par 1).
What types of work did women do during WW II?  How did this affect American Culture?
Before the World War two, the women in America were only housewives and did mostly female jobs such as being a domestic servant. The Second World War altered the work of the women in the United States since they had to take the role of the men by filling their positions. Moreover, this involved all the work that was considered to be unsuitable for the women had to be filled since the men had gone to war (Dumenil, 478). Some of the work that the females did during the Second World War included the building of ships, vehicles, aircraft, and weaponry. Also, they operated on farms, providing logistic sustenance to the soldiers and other proficient areas. The involvement of the women during the World War two affected the American Culture since the works that was traditionally being done by men were also being done by the women hence there was no discrimination. This helped in pulling up the country through an economic crisis (Dumenil 478).
What distinctive contribution did Eleanor Roosevelt think women had brought to public life since getting the vote?
The unique contribution that Eleanor Roosevelt believes that the women had brought to the public life after getting a vote is helping to pull up the state through its economic crisis. She believed that the females knew that life had to go on and that the desires of life should be met. The fortitude and the courage of the women helped the state to pull through worse crises (Dumenil 458). Despite the fact that the females cannot end the depression, without their contributions to the country, the state could not have survived the crisis that was affecting it. In addition, no matter the gravest crisis that affected the country, the women were there to ensure that they pulled through it with their courage and determination whether they were rich or underprivileged.

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May 04, 2022
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