Nursing Conflict

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Nursing care is one of the most touchy yet important aspects of human lifestyles that should be carried out in a sober and prudent manner. However, attaining better nursing care is no longer an easy thing because of the many needs of the nursing profession.

Thesis statement: Due to the higher demands of the profession, conflicts are inevitable in nursing especially in prioritizing of nursing care for distinct patients.

In the process of discharging duties nurses encounter some situations that are difficult to make decisions because of their nature. For instance, in instances where nurses have to carry out two or more duties at the same time, it becomes difficult to prioritize these tasks. Most of the time as nursing professionals choose to act in one case, people on the other side do not feel satisfied because they feel the nurse should have attended to their case first.

Last year we were in a hospital where we had taken one of my friends after he had an accident which prompted profuse bleeding. Immediately we arrived at the hospital, one of the nurses rushed to attend to us. But before he could attend to us, another patient suffering from asthma was brought, and he was in a critical condition to the extent that he could not breathe normally and the people who brought the patient ran to the nurse attending to us so that she could help. In the process, some conflict ensued between us, the nurse and the other group because these were two critical cases that the nurse was supposed to deal with. We thought our patient had the right to be attended to just like their patient too. This conflict was resolved after I advised the nurse to call for help from another nurse. However, it was not easy for this nurse during that incident because both patients were in critical situations.


Due to the criticality of nursing care, professionals face numerous conflicts with patients and other healthcare professionals which call for acute decision making. It is, therefore, important for nurses to think critically and prioritize their decisions to solve these conflicts.

July 29, 2022

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