Objects of Manhood in Contemporary Culture

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Objects of Manhood in Contemporary Culture

In my article, I will explore the ways in which objects of manhood in contemporary culture are portrayed, as well as the ways in which these objects represent manhood. These objects include, but are not limited to, Dialect, Racism, and Symbolism.


'The Man Who Was Almost a Man' by Richard Nathan Wright is a novel that portrays the racial tensions in Southern America. Set almost 40 years after the Civil War, the book focuses on an African-American farm laborer named Dave.

In the story, the main character, Dave, strives to make a living and escape the hardships of poverty. However, his dreams are thwarted by his inability to become a man. He is stuck in a subservient position to whites. He believes that he needs a gun in order to achieve manhood.

Wright uses conversation and dialog to portray the relationships between Black and White characters. He also focuses on the theme of racism by using interactions between the characters. He also shows the consequences of whites' power over blacks.

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Objects that signify manhood in contemporary culture

Objects that signify manhood in contemporary culture are numerous. But which are the winners and losers? In my opinion, this is a largely subjective question. For instance, in my research I have not found any conclusive statistics about the number of men in the United States. Moreover, there is a paucity of data pertaining to women in the military. Hence, my qualms. Having said that, the following are some notable exemplars:

Objects that signify manhood in contemporary culture are aplenty. For example, it is estimated that the number of men in the military is about a quarter of a million. Moreover, the number of male combatants is on the rise, especially in countries where the military is not the bastion of justice it was in the past. The military is therefore in a precarious position. In the ensuing context, it is not surprising that men and women in the military are subjected to a plethora of sex-related abuses.


'The Man Who Was Almost a Man', a film about a young African-American farm worker who struggles to assert his identity in the rural south, is an excellent example of the cultural diversity of the United States. Written in the southern dialect, the film depicts the nuances of the coexistence of whites and blacks. The novel is also an interesting example of literary merit.

Dialects are a group of languages that share a number of common core features. These features include phonological features, syntax, and other linguistic structures. Often, dialects shade into each other, like colors, or blend together to form a new dialect. Dialects can also signal social or occupational background.

The use of dialect in "The Man Who Was Almost a Man" provides a variety of voices for the black characters. This gives readers a better understanding of the frustration that Dave faces on the plantation. The novel also gives readers a better understanding of the connection between manhood and guns.


Symbolism is an important part of fiction writing. The use of symbols illustrates the movement of a plot and gives the reader insight into the character's development. Symbols also enrich the story without explicitly stating themes.

Richard Wright used symbols in his short story "The Man Who Was Almost a Man" to illustrate the development of the protagonist, Dave Saunders. This short story chronicles an African American farm laborer who struggles to assert his identity in a rural South community. The protagonist wants to escape the drudgery of his community and be free from the responsibility that comes with being a man.

One of the key symbols in the story is a gun. The gun symbolizes the power and respect that Dave desires. He believes that owning a gun will make him a man. He also believes that having a gun will give him the respect that he needs.

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