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Schools must devise strategies for integrating children from diverse backgrounds, with special needs, and now a growing number of brilliant pupils. Diversities exist among students in all types of educational institutions. Some come from various racial backgrounds, while others have a variety of gifts. Some pupils struggle greatly in the classroom, and only a pedagogy-trained teacher can recognize this. The information comes from a series of videos conducted in actual teaching lessons which show the diversity of students coming from different economic backgrounds, students with special needs, the gifted students and the students coming from different racial backgrounds.

Special needs of students

The majority of these students are facing a series of difficulties with adjusting to the school environments. It is not conducive to them as most of these teachers are not trained to identify some of the exceptional needs that are to be offered to the student while at the school. This can be seen from the video where a teacher doesn't understand that not all students grasp information as well as others. Teachers expect that all students are the same and should understand information at the same time and with the same pace. This, however, should not be a case as students have different abilities. In the video teaching-learning, disabled youngsters will present you with some challenges. Not only do these students demand more of your time and patience, but also require specialized instructional strategies in an environment that supports and enhances their learning potential. It is important to remember that disabled students are not students who are unable to learn but need different instructions made to their specific learning abilities.

Social, economic background

Students coming from the well-off background are given much attention in class and in most cases walk free when they commit an offense as opposed to the rest of the students. This is however not the case for the less privileged students in a school. An instance of them committing an offense, they are met with so much force that is seen in most cases. Your background in some instances may determine how certain matters in your school life will be handled. The schools, therefore, do not live up to the expectations set by the brochures and admissions counselors or staff it depends. In most cases, an admissions brochure doesn’t tell all about the ins and outs, and the limits and shortcomings of a place and in this case the deficiencies of the school.

Racial diversity

Students with a different race from the common one in school have a hard time understanding a particular word and even just coping with the environment as they even look different in appearance. If there's one problem these students face is that they are never actually accepted by the people who in this case is the school environment. This student will be bullied at times for their appearances and even on their pronunciation of some words which they may have trouble pronouncing once they talk. The students will face a lot of challenges since they will always be distinct from the rest of the major population.

Gifted Students

If there is one thing about gifted students is the fact that they are always full of questions and always have answers when asked. The aspect of providing for an instructional need is not an easy task to every trainer. It will indeed extend the teacher to full limits of their creativity and inventiveness. Students of a higher ability in most cases are referred to as gifted students and present a unique challenge to teachers. There is a need of providing exciting events and energizing assignments to the students that offer a creative as they pursue their learning. These students have an easier time in school as their understanding of content in class is easier, so the teacher pays more attention to such students who are getting more in class. For the less gifted students the situation is a bit different as their time in school and generally, their time in school is hard.


In conclusion, it is evident from the videos that students in schools are different generally and all have the certain type of challenges. It is there important to note that every student is different and he/she should be treated differently as an individual. Teachers should, therefore, consider this practice and try and take some time to get to more about their students. It should not be just about the educational part, but also the individual part where the teacher will try and get to know about the student. This will, in turn, provide a favorable environment for the students in school.


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February 09, 2023
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