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267 views 4 pages ~ 938 words
Is homeschooling better than public schools

Since the founding of U.S. public schools in the 19th century, nearly all Americans have officially founded their educat...

97 views 5 pages ~ 1287 words
Public Vs Private Schools

Over the years, the merits and demerits of public and private schools have sparked several debates. Despite the fact tha...

249 views 11 pages ~ 2868 words
Significance of Private Schools over Public Schools

The essay highlights the importance of private schools in the current generation in the United States. The author attemp...

165 views 6 pages ~ 1470 words
Why a Legislator Should Vote a Bill on Feminine Hygiene Products in School Restrooms

The supply of feminine hygiene products is discussed in Assembly Bill No. 10, 2017. Christina Garcia, an assemblywoman w...

158 views 5 pages ~ 1487 words
Causes of the Achievement Gap in USA

The Achievement Gap in the United States is a long-standing problem. The gap between rich and poor students is often attributed to factors such ...

243 views 2 pages ~ 689 words
Separate Peace Analysis

John Knowles's novel A Separate Peace (1959) provided an excellent opportunity to once again make sure that the American school curriculum i...

63 views 5 pages ~ 1277 words
private vs public education

Over the years, the controversy on public and private schools has drawn many debates on their merits and demerits. While...

63 views 4 pages ~ 943 words
Home schooling, A legitimate substitute

Since the establishment of public schools in the United States' education systems in the nineteenth century, almost all ...

183 views 6 pages ~ 1596 words
Charter Schools in Massachusetts

To continue, charter schools are usually public schools that have mutually agreed to deliver unique outcomes in return f...

267 views 2 pages ~ 399 words
charter schools need libraries

There is a scarcity of resources, including librarians, in charter schools. Charter vs. public schools contrast Building...

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