occurrence of pain at the abdomen

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The presence of abdominal discomfort is an important symptom of an abdominal pathologic process. Mr. Cauthen's situation necessitates extreme caution. Understanding the history aids in determining the possible source of the midabdominal pain. Understanding the pathophysiology of abdominal disorders aids in determining the source of Mr. Cauthen's midabdominal pain. The ability to deliver quality treatment is dependent on correct diagnosis, which is then followed by appropriate actions.

Colon inflammation is referred to as colitis. The injured patient is in pain. Mr. Cauthen reports in the case study that he is experiencing abdominal pain. Diverticulitis is the other possible diagnosis of the patient. It is demonstrated by the fact that the patient is in pain and feels tenderness in the abdomen. Further, examination revealed anorexia. Patients suffering from diverticulitis portray symptoms of loss of appetite. Hence, this qualifies as one of the diagnoses. Finally, appendicitis is characterized by the emergence of abdominal pain. Examination reflects abdominal swelling and inability to pass gas. In the case reported, CT revealed that the patient had air in the bowel and fluid around the appendix. Indeed, Mr. Cauthen depicts such symptoms.

Final Diagnosis

Acute appendicitis

A CT conducted indicates that the patient had a thick appendix, the air in the bowel and fluid around the appendix. Appendicitis is characterized by swelling of the appendix and could be due to infection, stool or a foreign body. Also, the assessment reports anorexia which is characteristic of the condition. The existence of gas equally supports the findings since this is characteristic of the condition.

Specific auscultation palpation findings of abdomen (Normal vs. Abnormal)


The absence of sound at the bowel indicates infection (Clark, & Kruse, 1990).

Vascular bruits also indicate pathology


Abdominal tenderness is a sign of infection.


Clark, V. L., & Kruse, J. A. (1990). Clinical methods: the history, physical, and laboratory examinations. JAMA, 264(21), 2808-2809.

May 10, 2023



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