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O’Hagan’s view on Friendship- Facebook

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At the age of 12, the writer recounts his lovely friendship with his friend Mark. They will spend quality time together playing and listening. Friendship was genuine and perfect in those days, he says. It didn't consist of the many social media "watches and clicks." Friends instead would "listen and feel" the hearts of each other on the subjects (O'Hagan).
View of friendship by Aristotle
Aristoteles' friendship is guided by three key motives: "utility, pleasure, or good." He says that people whose friendship is focused on mutual benefits. As soon as the “usefulness” derived from one another ends, the friendship comes to an end too. Examples of such friendships are business partners and classmates. The best kind of friendship is between those who desire good for each other. Such friendships are rare, but permanent (The three types of friendship according to Aristotle).

Comparison between O’Hagan and Aristotle’s views on friendship

According to O’Hagan, there is a lack of loyalty in today’s friendships. He does not explore the reasons for this. However, Aristotle’s view explains his observation. Aristotle states that friendships that are driven by utility and pleasure do not last. Such friendship on social media has a lack of authenticity because people are only focused on what they will gain in their relations with each other.

Both authors agree on the fact that friendships are important. O’Hagan believes that the importance of friendship cannot be likened to romance, technology, money, and fame which are valued in today’s society. Aristotle, on the other hand, says that true friendships build value and are permanent. They are focused on ensuring the well-being of one another. In as much as O’Hagan disagrees with ideas about friendships today, he appreciates the fact that people can keep memories of each other through it.

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July 24, 2021
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