Onboarding Kristen Peters

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Kristen Peters' understanding of the organization

Kristen Peters needs to realize that the assignment at stake is so critical that she has to be well versed about the organization. One primary consideration is that she has to realize that the organization defines her overall success in employment because they will evaluate her work in the end and issue remarks appropriately. She must, therefore, identify with the rules and regulation for the employees and what is expected of her within the workplace. She can achieve this through reading along the employees contract agreement guidelines to avoid engaging in activities that could cause conflict between her and the executives. It would also be prudent if Kristen established a closer professional relationship with a few executives to learn more about the do's and don'ts within the organization to avoid the chance of engaging in activities that could cause her dismissal.

Expectations of workplace culture

Kristen should be expecting a diverse culture that focuses on multiculturalism and that fosters teamwork. It is typical of an organization of this caliber to engage with people of diverse ethnicities and the element of working as a unit is paramount and Kristen should be anticipating for such all along. Kristen should also be expecting a culture where the authorities are given respect and where the organizational power cascades down. It means, therefore, that is she has a problem, it would be prudent to forward it to the seniors who are immediately above her in the professional ranking. The overall organizational culture that Kristen should expect is that which is supportive to those who are onboarding but strict in the sense in which law and order is maintained to ensure the fulfillment of organization goals.

Key relationships and stakeholders

The key relationships and stakeholders for her specific work is also a central feature that will define the success at the company. Company politics are sometimes inevitable in the workplace and Kristen will have to factor the key relationship and stakeholders for her work. Such would include her supervisors and advisors who may require to know other personal issues that could be affecting her concentration in the workplace. The impression is that in the end, the way Kristen addresses the other stakeholders will also define her success in working in diverse environment and her ability to operate under extreme conditions. The key stakeholders for her specific work will thus involve those who are in the onboarding department who will be monitoring her progress and activity towards he activities.

Actions for successful onboarding

Kristen needs to take several actions to ensure that she starts her onboarding in a positive way. One of the considerations is the need to take every assignment positively because she will be assessed by her seriousness. Secondly, Kristen needs to focus on the details of everything she does to warrant that she is working as expected by her seniors. Kristen will also need to develop an attitude of consulting when she is not sure of an activity or what is supposed to be done. Such a brave character will enhance her relations with her supervisors and enable her to learn even more. Fourth, Kirsten will need to limit distraction such as using her mobile phone as it destroys her image in the company. Lastly, Kristen will be required to be open with her problem and communicate her issues especially if they affect the way she works.

September 18, 2023

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