Open Innovations in the Technology Industry

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Apple Computers and Open Innovation

Apple Computers considers itself a prominent force in the technology industry. One thing that stands out about Apple is that most of their products cannot share connectivity options with other platforms such as android and windows. In creating a collaborative platform, the best option is to host it on an open innovation model. Open innovations allow more opportunities from the market to invest in an application (Pinzger and Arie 36-57). Instead of keeping a closed mind in a one collaboration model, open innovations are more capable of hosting more devices and platforms and quickly selling out the developed product (Pinzger and Arie 18-25). Technology is all about keeping one's options open, and the moment one closes their mind to only one exterior product, they are restricted regarding their market access. These additional advantages make it easier for new investors to move for open innovation models since the aim at this stage is to have a broader market rather than developing a quality brand.

IPO Valuation and Performance Index

To curb acts of overpricing IPOs and after that attracting compensation from banks, an investor should create a valuation model for the pricing of securities. This process should occur consistently to ensure that the valuation matches the posted price in the stock market. Investors and independent valuators engage in assessment processes to ensure that the final figures remain independent of companies' subjective perspectives (Wasantha and Nada 21-32). Another possible option is to create a performance index for companies in the market. Through a performance index, it is possible to find the approximate value of an IPO and consider whether it is worth the amount set. A move of this magnitude will help to reduce cases of companies inflating their prices to make a short-term boom. Modern-day IPOs love this trend because it is a guarantee for profit-making since most investors are only interested in checking the values that companies post on the final day of investment. In this case, the main idea is to engage in private valuation or follow up a company's progress before opting to invest in IPOs.

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September 11, 2023

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