Organizational and Industrial Discussion

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A Working Environment and its Impact on Social Skills

A working environment can define an employee's social skills and working conduct (Karatepe, 2013). I've worked in two different workstations, each with a unique set of challenges. My worst working situation was as a cook at a neighborhood restaurant. The people I worked with were much older than me and would look down on me. This was the least satisfying atmosphere because my efforts were ignored due to the generational gap between myself and the other employees. As a result of the absence of teamwork, this setting was the least motivating. The other employees were likewise behaving strangely. These individuals would never correct me whenever I did a mistake unknowingly. The key feature that made me different from other individuals was the mannerism in which I treasure teamwork. I seem satisfied in environments where employees work in unity to achieve a mutual goal.

A Positive Working Experience as a Bartender

I moved from the eatery to a bar where I worked as a bartender. All employees were jovial, and the teamwork was the organizational culture. The manager was open to suggestion and organized several team building activities. This environment was the most satisfying as employees regarded each other as family. The manager was a motivational figure as he always advised on the mannerisms in which we would make our lives better both within and without the workplace. Motivation and satisfaction go together. Whenever there is teamwork, I feel satisfied and motivated by the spirit of togetherness. Unlike my previous workplace, I felt treasured as a bartender due to the loving environment and the positive behavior that was portrayed by my colleagues and the bar manager.


Karatepe, O. M. (2013). High-performance work practices and hotel employee performance: The mediation of work engagement. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 32, 132-140.

April 26, 2023



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