Organizational Culture and Innovation

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Technology and changing lifestyles are key drivers in distribution changes (Lamb, 2018). Many business organizations are finding it difficult to keep up with these changes because they have not significantly invested in research and development. Creativity and innovation is a primary source of competitive advantage in the contemporary business environment. Business organizations should invest in research and development while creating a working environment that fosters employee creativity and innovation. Such an organizational culture will ensure that a business enterprise can anticipate market changes and develop new products and services that meet consumer needs and preferences and set market trends (Barnes, 2018). Business organizations must also develop customer-oriented strategies. Distribution changes occur mainly as a result of changing consumer needs and preferences. It is critical for firms to ensure that their strategies are geared towards meeting consumer needs. This will enable them to cope with distribution changes.

New Product and Place

Amazon has used its ‘Amazon Key’ product to improve shopping convenience for its customers. The product enables Amazon users to receive product deliveries in their homes even when they are not around the home. The product exploits the benefits of advanced technology to ensure that consumers can make purchases and receive deliveries without having to travel to collect the actual purchase. Amazon has effectively exploited the advantages of new technology and developed innovative products to enhance place. The success of this product is an indication of the importance of technology in enhancing consumer experiences by providing products and services that match their needs and preferences. Amazon aims to gain a competitive advantage in the market by seeking to appeal to consumers with busy lifestyles and who prefer convenient shopping and delivery processes.


Barnes, S. (2018). Creativity and Innovation. Knowledge Management Matters, 75.

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September 18, 2023
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