Organizational Performance

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Organizational performance is enhanced by the actions undertaken by the management. Motivation is one of the functions involved by the management to raise the morale of the employees. Motivation is significant in employee development. As an employee it is important to realize the best points and maximize on the points for the purpose of productivity. I believe that a variety of motivation methods can be used to raise employee morale and attitude towards organizations activities. From the perspective theory, the employees are motivated by three perspectives; achievement, affiliation and power.

Most of the employees work towards achieving the organization’s goals. The goals set out in the constitution provide the main functions of the organization. Therefore, as a measure of performance and reward, achievement provides a basis for the establishment. An organization where the policies and regulations effectively apply to its daily operations tend to depict the outcome. The self-assessment depicts the need to adopt characteristics that precede performance.

Achievement is one of the pillars of the theory of needs which is significant in decision making. The employees have a target that they should meet at the end of the day and create an environment favorable for organizational performance. Therefore, from the assessment point, the level of performance required is high. However, I prefer executing the functions allocated to me and ensure that the organizational goals are achieved. To measure individual performance I require to use various variables that provide a framework that ensures performance. The organization requires the use of resources both monetary and non-monetary items that sustain the operations of the organization. Therefore, labor, materials and other overheads are necessary to consider. Nevertheless achievement as a measure of performance, the organization should use a specified procedure to conduct its operations.

Secondly from the leadership perspective, I prefer employing methods that focus on achievement. The power of a leader will determine the direction of the employees. In other words, the activities of the organization can be achieved if the leader exercises his powers. Therefore, he should be firm and goal oriented to encourage the members to contribute to the main agenda.

A leader’s power can be derived from specific or general considerations. The leader of a organization can have any form of power depending on the environment and the people constituting the organization. In the company I work for the powers of a leader is based on the area of expertise. The leader relies on his expertise in various issues to address the gathering. The general assumption is that everybody in the organization was a scholar and would need an extra judgment to ensure that the discussion is fruitful. Generally, a good leader should apply his knowledge to drive the attention of individuals to the target. The aim is to ensure maximum cooperation. Nonetheless, issues regarding performance required an expert to analyze and present the technical issues experienced.

In an organization, the employees have their personal interest besides the main agenda. Every person would want to be heard and listened. Therefore, despite the main agenda being performance, the members had more agendas arising from the main agenda. Some of the agendas are positive and others are negative. The interests creates room for a confusion, misunderstanding, and disrespect among the participants.

The employees not only aim at discussing issues related to performance but also focus on rewarding those who directly participated in the performance. Some of the members got furious due to the system of rewarding use. Most of them stated that the management team was biased in making an informed decision on those to reward and the system to use in rewarding. The aggrieved members raised concern and would shout at the leader of the meeting to give a clear reason on such a decision. First, the team felt they were the most dedicated employees. They handle much of the organization's activity. Third, they are the key drivers of performance. The management tried to resolve the issue and the members had to calm down.

The intended outcome of the execution was getting the relevant opinions from employees that could help in improving the performance of the business in the coming financial year. The opinions would focus on the general business operations such as expansion, new markets, skills, and technology. The technological changes and the need to adjust to the changes in order to maintain the competitive advantage formed part of the final output from the members. Therefore, the main agenda which was on business performance was achieved. The opinion gathered from the people who expressed what they felt should be done to have the company at the top of others in the world formed the best results of the meeting. Measures to adjust with the changes in the business environment were necessary to indicate as some of the members had brilliant ideas regarding the measures. The pivotal moments were moments when the floor was open to all members to contribute. Their contribution was the foundation for the success of the meeting. Therefore, any opinion expressed by a member would contribute to the performance of the industry.

There are issues facing the organization captured in the analysis. Establishment of any organization is based on the three pillars that would support expansion. The main objective is wealth maximization that go hand in hand with the profit maximization objective. Besides focusing on the shot-term and long-term goals relating to return on investment, the organizations focusing on reducing costs attributed to business operations. The establishment of Lexington labs focused on medical items that support provision of health services

Education is progressive depending on the number of workshops and training programs. The skills developed and the new technology adopted shows an improved performance. For the various scenarios the performance of an employee is visible. Making an assumption on the outcome of the development areas, the graph would appear as above. The mentorship programs assist in gaining skills and knowledge from mentors who are already successful and experienced in their various areas. The small projects organized for study and exposure purpose contribute to employee development. Similar to positive impacts, the categories have negative influence on the employee or organizations. They have a cost implication and would lead to high costs recorded for a particular period. The skills at times would have insignificant use or outdated due to passage of time. Therefore, the cost implication, time and level of expertise are necessary for performance purposes. The employees need to continuously update their skills to capture the new trends in the specific areas of scope.

Part 2

For every organization to succeed, and stand out in terms of development, it must develop and embrace professional motivation to their employees in every level, position and departments. Motivating employees is a way of getting them moving. Many bosses in today’s world want their employees motivated and actually ready to perform their daily tasks but they don’t really understand how to make them feel motivated. However, there are different and very important things to be met by an employee in order to ensure success at workplace.

Motivating employees begin with creating a professional competitive environment within the organization. This can only be met when the employer recognizes the best performing employees and rewarding them accordingly. Employees must be in an environment that drives them to do their best, and environment which gives them a motive for daily rewarding the best performers, competition develops among the employees and within no time, it becomes a culture of the organization and leads to big changes in the organization.

Assessing the needs of different departments in the organization. For a professional development to be met, or rather achieved, employees goals, interests and any other need must be put in place in order for the organization’s objectives to be obtained. For example, personal goals, departmental goals, organizational goals, and team goals must be considered in order for the company to attain its planned goals.

Succession planning program. Every employee needs to see themselves grow at their workplace in terms of being promoted from one position to a higher position, or being shifted from one department to another for a better change, experience and career development at large. This program ensures that the employee being shifted from a different position to another, is fully prepared for the new position. This position enables the employers to review the current strengths and weaknesses, abilities and any other important thing of the employee which determines their chances of attaining the qualifications of the new position, and if the employee is able to perform the new tasks offered in the new is through this kind of professional plan where the organization grows and improves in its performance

Developing a self-assessment of the employee’s level of skills plan. This is a professional way of motivating employees because it makes them feel cared for by the employer. It is therefore important for the employer to know different skills possessed by the employees. Such skills may differ from one employee to another and this makes work easier for allocation on responsibilities in the organization. The skills may be categories in different ways such as, social skills, technical skills, natural talents, special abilities, and way of thinking, point of view and mindset among others,( Eisele ,Grohnert ,Beausaert & Segers,2013).

During the development period, the employee undergoes thorough training and mentorship which gives them confidence  in moving from the current position to the new position ,and power to perform their new tasks without fear since they clearly understand the workflow and anything associated with the new position,( Greer & Virick, 2008).

Performance based development plan. Employees need to employ this kind of a plan in order to measure every employee’s performance. This development plan is mostly applied in sales departments and it is in terms of numbers. For example, in sales department, the employer needs to recognize the number of sales made by every sales person in the team. Using this plan, the employers should be willing to ask the goals of the employees and any challenges faced during their work. If there are any huge difficulties faced, the employer should find a way of dealing with them and help the employees with the necessary resources in order for them to meet their goals without being challenged in the process. If by any chance there is poor performance in any task given, the employer should be willing to give the necessary training to the employee for a better understanding of the responsibility.

An organization’s objective plan. Every organization should have a number of the intended goals and objectives put in place. This gives the employees a motivation since they are sure of what is expected of them. His plan reviews the goals met and the ones which were not met in the organization, and gives the employees the understanding that even when goals put in place are not met, they should not give up but rather work on their downfalls to attain the intended goals.

It is through the strategic and professional development plan, where employees feel motivated and great changes are observed as well as success in the organization.


Eisele, L., Grohnert, T., Beausaert, S., & Segers, M. 2013. Employee motivation for personal development plan effectiveness. European Journal of Training and Development, 37(6), 527-543.

Greer, C. R., & Virick, M. 2008. Diverse succession planning: Lessons from the industry leaders. Human Resource Management: Published in Cooperation with the School of Business Administration, The University of Michigan and in alliance with the Society of Human Resources Management, 47(2), 351-367.

October 24, 2023

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