Organizational Values

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Values are known to be the enduring believes of people that shape their specific mode of conduct both in their personal and social lives. Values are not usually as rigid as one would tend to think, they change from time to time with regards to the maturity level of individuals both socially and personally.

Organizational values are an important aspect of any business organizations. Walmart Stores went through the recession without failing, but in recent times it is experiencing customer alienation and competition from smaller discount stores (Meeks, 2011).  In my experience with Walmart there have been tremendous changes to come up with its core values as respect for the customer, offering service to the customer and finally striving for excellence (Meeks, 2011). Through respecting the customer, employees get to know how to treat people and shape their work ethics.

The change has been realized by developing a work culture that binds individual behaviors. Cultural value ought to be considered when coming up with these values as people from different backgrounds have different things that they term as priorities. To fail to cater for them would be to go against work ethics and thus could result in high employee’s turnover as they feel they that are not being considered (Miner, 2015). Service to the customer is also propagated through the creation of brands that customers can identify with thus creating a loyal customer base for their products (Meeks, 2011). 


To put much focus on values that an organization is probably one of the many ways in which a firm can ensure its continuity and success. The organizational values are significant in that they provide that the firm's mission are followed to the latter, and any issues that arise are mitigated on time or resolved as per the policies available in the organization thereby trying to meet the goal of striving for excellence.


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January 19, 2024

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