Orientation and Training

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Orientation and Training Programs in Organizations

Orientation and training are fundamental aspects that ensure that a new employee fits in an organization. However, orientation and training programs often fail to bring the employees on board. This is due to the significant challenges surrounding the programs and processes.

Challenges Faced during Orientation

From the orientations I have attended, the most significant problems I noted were; too much information too quickly and too much expectations within a little period. During orientation, the new employees are informed on almost every aspect of a company right from the administrative structure to the employee’s roles. It is hard for an individual to take note of everything within a short period which is usually assigned for orientation.

Investing in Training and Orientation

Organizations should invest more in the training and orientation to ensure that sufficient time is allocated for the trainees to adapt to the organization’s culture and to absorb the new information (Pearson, 2017).

Challenges in Training Materials and Delivery

There are several challenges faced by employers as they make an effort to ensure that the employee's populations have the necessary skills and competency. The first challenge is making the training dynamic; most orientations and training involve the employees sitting through a talk about the organization, policies, vacations, and insurance (Pearson, 2017). Employees are faced with a challenge of finding new ways to convey the information and get the right feedback.

The second challenge is inconsistent and ineffective training materials. Habitually, training and orientation are done by different individuals using different materials which only confuse the trainee. Lack of consistency and agendas is a significant setback since trainees need to follow through without continually having to familiarize themselves with the changing templates (Pearson, 2017).

Enforcing Application of Training

The last challenge is being unable to enforce the application of the training. In ensuring that the employee is competent, an organization needs to be certain that the employees are well trained. However, this is a major challenge since few organizations have a benchmark policy and procedure (Pearson, 2017).


Pearson, P. (July 2017). Problems common to orientation programs. Career trend.  Retrieved from https://careertrend.com/info-12152559-problems-common-orientation


January 19, 2024

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