Human Resource Management Training Needs of Middle Eastern Employees

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Human resource management is one of the most crucial aspects of every organization based its function of ensuring proper coordination, motivation, and utilization of organization’s employees. Based on the concept of globalization, workers are expected to work across different cultural orientation. Thus, this study will look at the training needs for an employee assigned to the Middle East on a new project.

 It is important to note that based on the differences in value and cultural dispositions of the countries in the Middle East, such employee will require diversity-related training. First, the employee should be provided with necessary details of the culture and beliefs of the people which are entirely different from what they are used to. The new employee must be made to understand the way of life of the people and the reasons for their actions. The employees should be adequately aware of the value and believe regarding business dealings and their orientation regarding employment and work ethics. (Paluck, 2006). The above training will provide the information required to fit into the new society properly.

 Other forms of training that will be required for this employee include communication training. There is need to understand the types and nature work-related communication in the Middle East. Based on the cultural difference, different orientation and values, some terms and mannerism that are acceptable in the United States may be offensive in the Middle East. Hence, such employee requires essential reorientation as regarding the aspect of proper communication and the right choice of words during official engagements, (Paluck, 2006).

In conclusion, based on the increase in the level of globalization some employees move across different geographical regions with distinct values and beliefs; thus the need for diversity-related trainings to help them acclimatize and function appropriately in new environment.


Paluck, E. L. (2006). Diversity training and intergroup contact: A call to action research. Journal of Social Issues, 62(3), 577-595.

October 30, 2023

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