Evaluating Training and Measuring Return on Investment for Training

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Ethical issues can arise during the training evaluation process. Maintaining a high level of confidentiality can be considered to be another type of ethical issues in the process of training evaluation. This is because it can be difficult to maintain confidentiality and at the same time the employee needs a response in regards to the evaluation outcome. Therefore, the best way to address such ethical issues is by making sure staffs are well trained concerning how confidentiality should be maintained.

The level 5 training evaluation entail improving the effectiveness of an initiative. Jack Phillips proposed various step for determining the return on investment. Firstly, it involves collecting pre-program information with the key aim of comparing metrics before and after training. Secondly, collecting post-program data, in which data is collected immediately training is complete. Thirdly, isolating the impact of a learning plan, then converting data to monetary benefits. In this case, placing value on various data interlinked with the plan. After that, tabulating program costs, it entails calculating the entire cost of the training plan. Calculating the return on investment and lastly, determining intangible measures related to a training plan (ROI certification, n.d).

There is various type of cost for one to consider when measuring ROI, such cost includes hidden and opportunity cost. In most cases, training occurs away from the job for the period of the course. Furthermore, employees can obtain benefits and salaries when traveling and training and yet they receive some pay for it. Most of the training leaders are uncertain whether or not they can account for the lost labor or the opportunity cost within the training ROI cost.


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January 19, 2024

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