Oryx and Crake Book Review

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Oryx and Crake is a novel by Margaret Atwood. It has been called speculative fiction, adventure romance, and pure science fiction. According to Atwood, a novel does not deal with things we haven't done yet or aren't even thinking about doing. It is more akin to realism. In the case of Oryx and Crake, this is true.

Oryx is a humanoid creature created by Crake

Oryx is a mysterious creature who weaves herself into the text of the novel, causing the reader to wonder who she is. The author identifies the character as the same as an image that Jimmy once saw in a child pornography website. This image haunts Jimmy ever since, but is Oryx the same person as that image? What's more, Jimmy has doubts about Oryx's identity.

Oryx was first known as a "craker," a man-made animal. The Crakes had a genetic project and selected certain traits from other animals to implant into their creations. The idea was to make perfect children without any human flaws, a utopian idea. While Crakers are genetically perfect, their traits are not. The Snowman serves as a reminder of this fact.

Crake is a bio-engineering genius

Bio-engineering is the future of the human race, and Oryx and Crake are the masterminds behind this futuristic story. Both Oryx and Crake are self-made orphans who believe their fathers were "suicides" who created CorpSeCorps to control their minds. Both Oryx and Crake create artificial plagues for human use, and they also find themselves in passionate relationships with each other.

The bio-engineering geniuses Oryx and Crake develop a secret project at their company, RejoovenEssence, and recruit the enigmatic woman Jimmy to join him. The pair work together on two secret projects: the first is the BlyssPluss drug, which gives users unlimited sexual desire and protects them from all STDs. The drug is sold in every corner of the world. The second secret project is the creation of a human race perfect for the biosphere.

Crake has a sex addiction

The main characters of Oryx and Crake have sex addictions. Crake believes that sex and love are weaknesses in all humans and, therefore, they should be avoided. He perceives love as a sign of weakness and considers Oryx to be a prostitute. Crake distances himself from sex, claiming that it increases the risk of oppression. As a result, he finds it difficult to connect with women.

In the novel, Crake's wife Jimmy tries to stop him from having sex with Oryx. He tries to talk him out of it by saying, "In a manner of speaking," but Crake is unsure about it. This makes Jimmy suspicious of Crake's role in Uncle Pete's death. The Snowman interprets this as an indication of Crake's sociopathic personality. The apocalypse ensues.

Crake's father commits suicide in the "pleeblands"

The novel begins in the high society compound where Crake grew up. He relates to Jimmy well, despite the fact that they are not friends. After high school, Crake's family moves into the compound. They become friends, bonding over internet pornography and computer games. The two eventually meet again at a sex club and end up working for Crake's biotech company. Crake has the opportunity to work with Jimmy and his new product. This secret project is called BlyssPluss, and it is sold in every corner of the world, and Jimmy takes it on.

Although he has no real friends before meeting Crake, Jimmy has few female friends before he meets him. He often entertains his classmates by performing skits about his parents. He is also a reluctant partner, preferring purely sexual relationships with married women. When the JUVE virus kills mankind, Jimmy and Crake must take care of the Crakers.

Crake's motive for creating "BlyssPluss" pills

In the novel "BlyssPlus" by James Patterson, Oryx and Crake's intentions are not entirely clear, but they appear to have some common ground. Jimmy was in the biodome during the outbreak, and was able to see Crake slit Oryx's throat before shooting him. Crake claims that his pills were immune to the virus, and Jimmy shoots him dead.

The main goal of these pills was to eliminate the possibility of developing new sexually transmitted diseases. In addition to this, they would promote energy, reduce frustration, reduce feelings of low self-worth, and act as birth control. Crake's motives were complex and twisted. He wanted to reduce the human population, while he was at it. Crake had previously thought that the world was facing a shortage of resources, and he wanted to come up with a solution that was more environmentally friendly.

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