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In his song The Innocence and Experience, William Blake reflects on society's dealings. He condemns all bad acts that occur in society. In addition, he discusses the humanitarian anxieties that exist in society. He depicts the two human spirit states of pleasure and despair as heaven and hell, respectively. He defines childhood as a state of boundless resourcefulness and pleasure. He exposes the manhood society, on the other hand, as a catastrophe state. In his poem, he portrays slave labor, religious institutes, sexuality, and adultery as the repercussions of humanity's irresponsibility. He disapproval all the injustices done by a human via the use of irony, metaphors, and symbolism
"Bluebird," Charles Bukowski
A poem Bluebird talks about a person who is afraid to bring out his anger and hide in himself. The inner man or inner self is what he refers to as "bluebird in my heart." He strains to remain strong by restraining his feelings on the outside. The poet must be very desperate to be able to stay bold so that people cannot notice the pain he has on the inside. At the begging, the poet conceals his sadness by taking alcohol and smoking cigarette thereby building a façade for people around him to keep his real feeling hidden. However, he later let the birds out by admitting the sadness and tolerating himself to antagonize his emotions at night. Nonetheless, he couldn't allow himself to be emotional or cry. He has very painful secrets deep inside his heart and could not handle them. He feels like the bluebird inside himself is very powerful and want to depart from his heart. The poet aspires if he could be his true and trustworthy self but has a great fear that he won't be able to control himself. He ends up lying to himself on how tough he is; he only let himself be or feel real when he is alone in a dark place. That is the only comfort he has although it is a secret he is hiding.
The writer of this poem uses an aghast tone through the poem; the poet is stunned by his situation. I would infer him as bold; he can hide his emotions while he is around people. In the poem, the poet is speaking to himself. The poem has some repetition; he is repeating the words there is a bluebird in my heart that/wants to get out/but I'm too tough for him. Through repetition, he is emphasizing on what is going happening on his inside because he in owning its happening to different people in the society. "He is referring to his emotions where he Masks his innermost feelings from the outside world. The poet uses the daily language used by people from their everyday experiences. These words are effective since almost everybody in the society can understand since this case happens every day to different people. The Bluebird is a metaphor for the writer's emotions in this poem in this poem; he ought to express his emotions but fears what the being mocked and be held down upon in society. This poem has various themes, depression, loneliness, and escapism, the poet has very painful secrets but hides them to appear as he is okay. The poem is being addressed the whole world; it is trying to criticize the judgmental nature of our society and how it views people expecting them to hide or withdraw and their feelings and integrate into one big emotionless entity
If You Forget Me,” Pablo Neruda
This poem communicates to the writer’s lover, it like a warning of what will happen in case she forgets him whenever he was away. At first, the author presents his loving, romantic picture to the lover telling her how he always loves her. Nonetheless, at the middle of this poem the tone changes and he warns her that if she stops to love her, he will also cease in love. Lastly, on the last stanza the other goes back to her romantic, loving tone he tells him if she will never cease loving him, he will never forget nor stop loving her also. The tone if this poem is not constant through the poem, the writer uses a very mesmerizing mood which makes the tone to alternate. At first, it is loving and romantic where the author tells her love never to stop loving him. However the tone changes in the middle of the poem the tone changes and a very taunting tone where he threatens her love. Lastly, at the end of the poem, the poet goes back to the romantic tone. The poem has mixed emotions, at first its loving tensing and then return to a loving the emotions show how fickle a relationship may be between lovers
The author of this poem is insecure about his love; he feels like her love might stop loving him when he is away. Also, she is very emotional; he changes tones while speaking to him to show in case her lover would leave him, he would be very, and-and would take revenge by also stopping to love her. The author organizes his work in a very professional way; he begins with sweet words of loves them moves to a warning of never leaving him. Lastly, he gives his loving assurance of never leaving her if she remains loyal to their love. The sound of this poem is very low and smooth. However, the words of the poem sound differently due to mixed feelings of the author. He uses the simple word in a loving and commanding nature. He also uses repetition of the word, each day and each hour to emphasize oh how much he love and will continue loving her. The author uses metaphors in an attempt to tell his lover he will forget about her if she forgets about him. Another instance where he uses metaphor is in the fifth stanza where he says, “To leave me at the shore of the heart where I have roots." This implies that the author is much rooted at the shore. The theme of this poem is love, he tries to communicate that that no matter what happens between the loved ones, the bond will either dissolve of last forever but the feelings will always remain mutual.
The two poems If You Forget Me by Pablo Neruda and s "Bluebird and Charles Bukowski are emotional, Pablo speaks out about the bitterness which he refers as blue birds he has in his heart while Charles speaks about what he thinks about his lover. The only similarity the two poems has is that they are both addressing things which happen in our society each and every day.
Pablo in his poem he is talking to himself while Charles is telling the lover, the two poems have a significant difference, one is talking about bitterness which many people keeps them because they fear what the society would say if they realize they are emotional. The other one speaks about love; the poet tries to communicate to his lover to never leave him. The theme of the two poems are different Pablo talks about bitterness in his poem while Charles talks about love, their tone are much different as well as their sounds.
Thesis Statement
Poems serve as a fundamental social commentary that criticizes events that happen in the community with the ultimate objective of transforming or passing a message to people at large. Their primary reason for writing these poems is to bringing a change in the society. These poems are very emotions and counter-cultural.
From the above poems, it clear that poems are mostly used for social, social criticism. The two poems discussed above are connected to the issues which happen in our society. The first articles talks of how people hides the bitterness in their heart in fear of being brought down by the society in case they speak out or cry. The second one is about love, people in different societies love each other daily. Also, separation is a common thing and just like the other; there are individuals in the community who cannot be able to handle it.
In conclusion, it is now clear from all the above examples that Poems are used as a Social Commentary which criticizes societal happening. The above poems, as well as the song, have been written by different poets from a different background, but they are all addressing the same thing.

January 20, 2022

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