Overview and Purpose of FedEx Corporation

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FedEx Corporation

FedEx Corporation is a global behemoth that specializes in transportation and e-commerce services through joint ventures administered under the same name. FedEx services, FedEx Freight, TNT Express, FedEx Express, and FedEx Ground are among the divisions that make up its business (FedEx, 2017). The company currently serves roughly 6.5 million consumers worldwide. FedEx Express, for example, delivers time-definite, quick, and dependable delivery to nearly 220 countries worldwide (Reuters, 2017). As a result, the ultimate goal of constructing various sectors is to ensure that clients receive exceptional logistics, transportation, and other business services. This objective is achieved by delivering value-added logistics and transportation services to meet customer needs in the most exceptional quality manner. FedEx’s global operations have been successful because of the capability to integrate modern technologies in its operations, developing a positive brand image, and further established a healthy relationship with clients.

Comparisons on How the Company Manages Transportation and inventory Operations

FedEx Corporation considers the provision of excellent transport and logistics services as a point of differentiation with competitors. Daily transportation services is managed by highly skilled professionals who are well versed with myriad challenges experienced in ensuring products are picked from various points and timely delivered to the required destinations. Importantly, its transportation and inventory operations are developed to align customers emerging demands (FedEx 2017). Various activities are linked with modern technologies to ensure efficiency in service delivery which has ultimately enabled it to develop a positive reputation as well as surmount obstacles. In contrast with the knowledge gained from the course, it is beyond doubt that FedEx Corporation has put forth all the necessary measures required to enhance efficiency and further provide excellent transportation and inventory management practices to the customers.

Greatest Challenges Facing FedEx in the Coming two Years

However, it is anticipated that FedEx will face stiff competition from rivals in the industry who have also incorporated latest technologies in their practices. Moreover, the increasing cost of transport will probably act as an obstacle to meeting profit maximization objective as well as charging fair prices for its services. For instance, frequent inflation in some economies might culminate to increase in operational costs (Reuters, 2017).


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June 06, 2023

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