Ozymandias Poem Analysis

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The poem begins with a scene that depicts a broken statue in a desert. The traveler describes the statue's expressions, and the sculptor made the ruined statue speak for itself. The lifeless statue is placed on a pedestal, with the name "Ozymandias" carved into the pedestal. Ozymandias is the king of kings, and this statue, as it rots away, represents nothing left after death.

Sculptor captured the serious look of the pharaoh

The sculptor has captured the pharaoh's enigmatic gaze in this statue. Sculptor's work captures the arrogance and the serious look of the pharao in Ozymandias poem. It's a good reminder that people who think they're powerful, yet can be brought down by their own ambitions.

The sculptor had to be aware of the pharao's "passions" and his desire to be feared for all eternity. While the statue was lost to time because of weather, the sculptor understood the king's character. His serious look shows that he had the desire to be feared forever. The statue was eventually destroyed and the sculptor portrayed the king's emotions.

The pharao's face is a classic example of a Byronic-style pharao. The face of the pharao in Shelley's poem is archetypal and haughty. It is a powerful representation of the pharao, whose role in history is to make life more difficult for everyone.

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Irony in the poem

The poet's narrator, Ozymandias, boasts of his mighty emperor and king-like status, only to discover that his kingdom is buried in sand. Ozymandias's pride is so great that he commissions a sculptor to chisel a quote onto his pedestal. This quote implies that no one will ever be as powerful as him.

Percy Bysshe Shelley's 'Ozymandias' sonnet is one of the most famous Romantic poems. The poem, written in 1817, describes the half-buried remnants of an Egyptian pharaoh. Shelley's use of irony makes a mockery of the sculptor's arrogance. This sarcastic irony makes the poem even more memorable.

Shelley uses several literary devices in her poem to accentuate her ideas. Enjambments (lines that end without punctuation) and metaphors are two literary devices used by Shelley. Enjambments are particularly effective in this poem, as they highlight the opposite meaning of words. For example, the statue of Ozymandias represents command, power, and legacy, while the sand erodes it, indicating the destructive power of time.


Shelley's 'Ozymandias' poem follows the structure of a sonnet, a kind of poetic form that is rigid, much like the stone statue. The poem's structure is broken into two parts: an octet (8 lines) and a sestet (6 lines), each of which sets up the speaker and responds to the situation. The volta, or final line, introduces a pedestal with the pharaoh's vainglorious words.

The poem's first part is a description of a statue in the desert. The sculptor carved the statue to express its thoughts and emotions. Despite the fact that it is lifeless, its pedestal bears the name 'Ozymandias, King of Kings'. The statue's ruined state symbolizes the decay of everything that is created by human beings.

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In "Ozymandias," the poet utilizes caesura (a poetic device) to convey an idea. There are 224 words in the poem, and each word is listed below, in order of appearance in the text. The phrase "antique land" suggests a deep connection with the past, whereas the actual speaker is not mentioned. This technique, combined with the narrator's lack of emotion, gives the reader a feeling of mystery and anticipation.

The tone of Ozymandias's poem is presumptuous and ironic. The words and attitude of the speaker point to the ephemeral nature of power and tyranny. Moreover, the speaker's speech makes it clear that the "power" they have is temporary, and they must prepare for the inevitable decay of their 'works.' This is the recurring theme in the poem.

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