people living in poor societies

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Although the majority of those who live in impoverished societies commit crimes, this does not give us the right to punish them harshly and risk ruining their entire lives when a more just solution could have been found.

For example, Wesley stole a 600$ phone from her tutor, yet the punishment he will get will be comparable to what an adult would get. In other words, the cops won't spare him. However, even though the educational or justice policies may be tough, it simply doesn’t mine that crime is allowed and the decision to think fairly in such a situation should not also undermine the teacher’s integrity. This essay, therefore, argues different actions that may portray judgmental decisions to both the culprit and the teacher and argues to give a better approach and solution to dilemma cases as this. Ms. Smith loyalty to the school is tested along with playing her personal duty as a good citizen.

Analysis of Central Problem

The dilemma, in this case, is that Ms. Smith is torn in between adhering to the educational policy that is zero-tolerating to students which destroy Wesley’s life. If she reports the case, she is certain that Mr. Jackson will hand over Wesley to the police and that will be the end of him. However, if she doesn’t report the case, she might look weak to the students and the authority will also question her allegiance concerning following rules and regulations. Secondly, is she reports the case she might also look like a snitch and the students might end up losing trust in her. These disagreements compete in a way that puts Ms. Smith in a tough decision of what to do and how to do it.

Responses, Choices, and Actions

Ms. Smith should call Wesley and ask Wesley if he saw her phone during the tutor session as she had misplaced it. She can also call the number and ask Wesley to return the phone or she might report him to the authorities. Another possible solution is that Ms. Smith can also call

Lines of Actions available

Ms. Smith should report the issue to the authority but doesn’t have to say that Wesley is the culprit. Ideally, this will label Ms. Smith as a snitch and she might lose her trust from students she really worked hard to gain. However, under circumstances when questioned then she might as well give the circumstantial evidence which may be challenging. At this point Ms. Smith can point out your issue while giving out reasons why she thinks that zero tolerance policy is a draconian punishment since it does not apply to Wesley’s and to the whole system as well according to the situation involved. Ms. Smith can also call Wesley and tell him that what she thinks happened and she would like to believe that Wesley wasn’t involved but she has reasons to believe he was and that Wesley should face consequences of his actions but still tell him that she is proud of his progress in academics and would like to keep in touch with him. By doing this, Ms. Smith will have shown respect to the authority and abiding by the laws set by the administration. She would also have shown her support to the principal, Mr. Jackson. However, she should explain to the administration what handing Wesley to the police will do to Wesley and that it might ruin his life more instead of helping him.

The framework for these solutions, however, does not allow Ms. Smith to decide on a solution for the case. Rather, they bring to light important and possible solutions to the case at hand. Ms. Smith should discuss the case with her trusted friends, mentor teachers, and even religious teachers but not with anyone in the school.


Basically, for Ms. Smith to be able to make the right choice she should consider using the second framework of good work which constitutes the three E’s. These are excellent, engaged and ethical. Excellent will guide her to know what she is doing, engagement will assist her to consider that she values her work and it is meaningful to her while ethics will make her contemplate her role as a good citizen, work, and a good person who cares about her fellow citizen. The possible choices for the matter will vary depending on what Ms. Smith will decide. Ms. Smith can choose to let go of the issue if she can be able to purchase another to avoid having Wesley ending up in jail thereby destroying his future. Ms. Hampton may choose to report this to the authorities to safeguard the law. By doing this she shows her responsibility in upholding the law.

Lessons learnt

This case study has enabled me to have a bigger perspective of cases of the sort. It has enabled me to be able to understand that one should not always have to follow the law when the situation might offer more damage to the person other than just granting justice to the wronged like Ms. Smith in this case. I have been able to understand that other situations need one to prioritize a person over the law. However, by choosing to do this, it doesn’t have to imply that the culprit gets to walk away without telling them what they did was wrong. You should tell them in a friendly but honest manner and make them apologize for their actions. I have also understood that some of the educational policies are too punitive and may not be fair to the system. I have also learned that for a teacher teaching in an unjust society, one should be able to have an agency personality that will allow them to understand the students more and be able to provide the right justice to them when students commit minor crimes. The other lesson learned is that in situations of the dilemma regarding justice, the teacher should not just cross the line as it will ruin her integrity but should carefully slither through educational policies by applying critical thinking that may work for both sides.

April 06, 2023

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