Perception on Ghost of Rwanda

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The documentary The Ghost of Rwanda depicts the various issues that the genocide in Rwanda caused its citizens to face. Government representatives, diplomats, troops, and survivors of the barbaric massacre are the documentary's principal subjects. Both Hutus and Tutsis make up the population of the nation, with Tutsis constituting the minority. Over 800,000 individuals were killed in a 100-day period (Frontline). The world community was careless, which led to the tragedy. The Hutu leaders were instrumental in organizing and carrying out the genocide by obstructing assistance from the west. The main problem that occurred during this period was tribalism among the two main tribes; the Hutu and Tutsi. The world at large however experienced regret as the main feeling when the genocide occurred. The country at the time was under a Hutu president who blocked outside help from the international community. The diplomats for instance had workmates who were being persecuted. The United Nations however did not offer help to the affected parties, which led to more massacre. It is after much damage had been committed that it became clear the country needs help.

The United States of America is the other party that played a role in extending the massacre over a period of three months. In the beginning, the United States evacuated its citizens from the country without offering help. The international community pushed the United States to intervene, advice that was overlooked. The United States played a huge role in fueling the conflict by overlooking as it occurred. The war occurred over a period of three months which was a long time. The United States in this case is still haunted by its decision to overlook the massacre.

France is the other country that played a part in fueling the massacre. In the beginning, the war was based on hate between the Hutu and Tutsi minority community. France however interfered with the war by offering help in various ways to the Hutu government. The war was based on propaganda as the minority community was viewed as inhibition to growth. The French government decided to support the main perpetrators, which in turn fueled more war. The world in this case developed a different perception about France as a country.

Race and religion are some of the major factors that are used to define people globally. The two factors were used by the international community when making a decision about people of Rwanda. The people of Rwanda were left by the international community in general to fight amongst themselves as Europeans Americans were evacuated. The decision to overlook people of Rwanda based on race played a huge role in fueling the fight. Citizens in various countries judged leaders at the time for failure to tackle the problem.

The other group that had a different feeling from the rest is the survivors; who had pain and regret. The country is comprised of the two main tribes and the decision to kill their countrymen brought pain on victims. The various member of the affected Tutsi community experienced pain. The mutual trust that existed between the two communities ceased to exist as time passed by. It is hence clear that, different parties in the country experienced different perceptions as the massacre occurred. The documentary stresses the importance of responding to tragedy once it occurs.

Perception on The Crash

Crash is a film acted in the year 2004 directed by Paul Haggis with the main topic addressed being racism. Racism as a factor affects all social classes namely the rich and poor alike. The main factor that fuels racism in the film is the various assumptions that people make based on skin color. Shaun Toub, a Persian is the first victim of racism as he is assumed to be an Arab, although he is Persian. It is hence clear that, the various members of the public treat him unfairly based on assumptions.

The attorney general of Los Angeles and his wife are the other people who portray racism in the country. The manner in which both are dressed is a clear indication of the social status in the country. The distinct features of the two parties are confidence, beauty, and socially acceptable which is different from black youths on the street. The District attorney’s wife grabs her husband’s hand upon meeting with the black youths. The area that the two groups of individuals meet is on a safe pathway. The black youths in this case recognize the discrimination directed against them.

The other instance where racism is exhibited is when the district attorney’s wife and Shaun assume a Mexican man is a gang member. The assumption in this case is that all Mexican men without an office job are crooks. The real situation in this scenario however is that, the Mexican man is a family man. In most cases, people around the world are judged based on their physical appearance (Haggis). The decision to put this factor into consideration plays an important role in fueling hate. It is impossible for one to live in a new area without being judged which is wrong.

A black cop and his Latino partner are having an affair although the black cop does not memorize her country of origin. The black cop in this case and his partner are committing a morally wrong act. The black cop portrays the moral decay in society, which pulls society back. The Latino partner on the other hand does not mind having an affair with her partner, although he does not mind about her. The lady cop in this case plays a part in pushing for discrimination against women.

A black television director is the other person that judges a character as not black enough based on how he sounds. The job market in various industries is based on appearances. The movie industry for instance requires people to fit into characters as perceived by the public. The role that a given actor is given must fit into a description of what the public requires. The black man in this instance is required to act a gangster role associated with the black community. It is such factors that play a role in fueling discrimination against certain communities.

In the end it is clear that, the film aims at addressing the racism problem that affects people from various social classes. It is hence important for people to reduce stigmatization of certain people based on their skin color. In the earlier days, people did not move around the world which made interactions with other races impossible. It is this factor that the film aims at addressing with the hope of changing mentality. The differences that exist amongst various people is what makes the world a unique place.

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April 06, 2023

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