Personal Jurisdiction in Case of Copyright Infringement

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According to the information the plaintiff has provided, the court should establish a personal jurisdiction on the defendant. Defendant using the same domain name as the plaintiff can be perceived as copyright. Copyright is rational property protection that is provided by the United States legal law (Wright, 2018). The law protects any party from using other parties' materials such as painting, movies, and software among many other things. Hence, defendant using similar domain names as the plaintiff is copyright.

A party can use any material if the original owner accepts the use of rights. The law ensures that the time, effort, and creativity that was used to develop a certain concept are protected and only the owner would decide to sell or give away the rights (Wright, 2018). In this case, the court is obligated to protect the plaintiff from the resources incorporated to establish domain names. Notably, some of the customers who belong to the plaintiff critically confuse and use the defendant website, thus increasing the income rate. As such, the defendant uses the same name to take advantage of the plaintiff's customers.

In goods and services, quality is a crucial factor that affects the customers' response. In this case, Broadcasting is an information company that airs information to all parts of the country. Therefore, both companies should ensure that they produce high-quality broadcasting services. Additionally, the companies should ensure that the information is provided in time and in the right manner. Time is an essential factor that influences how customers behave (Lilleker, 2018). Hence, all programs should be broadcasted on time. Major League Baseball should identify that a broadcasting station is required to attend matches to air them. The government uses the technique of increase match attendance by restricting the length of airing (Lilleker, 2018).


Wright, A. (2018). Panel Discussion: Should I Go to Law School? Journal of Copyright in Education and Librarianship, 2(1), 1-3.

Lilleker, D. G. (2018). British Broadcasting and the Public-Private Dichotomy: Neoliberalism, Citizenship, and the Public Sphere.

September 04, 2023



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