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5. Egypt, Singapore, Indonesia, Qatar, UAE, and Kuwait. Region: Allies/Blocs.

B. The People

1. Scale of population and growth: 28,160,273 percent and 1.46 percent .

2. Cultures/Major Religions: Muslim.

C. Economics

1. The Economic System: an economy dependent on oil.

2. GDP and rate of growth: $637.8 billion/ 1.2% .

3. Main towns: Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, Medina, Ad Dammam.

4. Status of infrastructure: Solid infrastructure, including highways, bridges, airports and seaports.

5. Economic Blocks/Associations: Greater Arab Free Trade Region (GAFTA), Committee for Gulf Cooperation (GCC).

6. The trade balance: imports of $157.7 billion and $205.3 billion in exports.

7. Major Exports/Imports: Petroleum and petroleum products/ Machineryand equipment, foodstuffs, chemicals, motor vehicles, textiles.

8. Major Trade Partners: China, US, Germany, South Korea, India, Japan, UK.

9. Natural Resources: Petroleum, Natural gas, iron ore, gold, copper.

10. Energy Sources (type and origin): Oil and natural gas which are in the country. Nuclear projects which are currently underway.

D. Development

1. Development Status: Saudi Arabia is a semi-developed country with aspects from both a developed and developing nation.

2. Climate: harsh, desert with high-temperature extremes.

3. Environmental (problems, innovations, etc.): Desertification, depletion of water resources and air pollution.

E. Military

1. Military Organization: Royal Saudi Land Forces, Royal Saudi Naval Forces, Royal Saudi Air Force, Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces, Ministry of the National Guard, Royal Saudi Strategic Rocket Forces,

2. Military expenditures (% GDP spent on defense): 12.6%.

3. Primary weapons, arsenal, nuclear capability, etc.: Missiles and speculated nuclear programs.

F. Conflicts/Issues

1. What are four problems/threats that affect this nation? Terrorism, lack of renewable water sources, loss of oil market share, oil pollution and social unrest.

2. Ethnic/cultural issues: Rigid cultural practices.

3. Refugee problems: Many refugees are not well treated. People’s rights are restricted even though they have temporary identification cards. Some have only right to be residents. Some refugees do not have official citizenships.

4. Major conflict both past and present: Conflicts and war with other nations, terrorism and poor international relations.

G. United Nations

1. Date when got admission to the UN: October 24, 1945.

2. Has the UN ever intervened in a conflict involving this nation? If so, where and how? Yes, the establishments of United Nations Yemen Observation Mission to strike a peace deal amongst Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Republic.

3. How does the country contribute to UN peacekeeping? It funds various UN programs.

4. Has the UN cited this nation for human rights violations? If so, why? Yes, Human rights violation and abuse.

5. Based on research, what do you feel is at the heart of the nation's identity? Oil wealth in the country.

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October 25, 2022

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