Police control and Force Authority

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Four components make up police control: force, persuasion, power, and authority. Force The unassailable privilege or right that a police officer gets from his or her position as a police officer is known as authority. (Dunham & Geoffrey, 3). Due to the police officer's status as a police officer, everyone should respect that individual. Force is physical, whereas authority, power, and persuasion are cerebral. The use of physical force by a police official to stop someone from doing something or to make them behave in a certain way is referred to as using force. (Dunham & Geoffrey, 3). Power refers to the element of power closely resembles authority, but differ from it slightly. In power, the police expect the people to respect them by their position. However, the police are ready to meet resistance from the people and are ready to defeat the opposition and maintain law and order. Persuasion entails the police using arguments, symbols or words to convince the citizens that they ought to behave in a particular manner.

The human rights model and the crime control model of policing are two models that seek to explain the role of the police. The human rights model of policing stipulates that the key duty of a police officer is to ensure that all people are safe, protect the rights of the people they serve and protect the constitution (Dunham & Geoffrey, 583). This model alludes that the police should work hard to ensure that all people are safe, and their rights are protected. On the other hand, the crime control model states that the major role of a police officer is to subdue criminals and make sure that the society is free from criminals (Dunham & Geoffrey, 193). If law enforcement officers fail to perform their duties diligently, there will be a breakdown of order, and criminals will be free to cause Havoc.

Work Cited

Dunham, Roger G., and Geoffrey P. Alpert. Critical issues in policing: Contemporary readings. Waveland Press, 2015.

July 15, 2023

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