The Importance of Code of Conduct

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Some of the safety implications include lack of official identity as police are normally identified with their official attires. Such officers could easily be mistaken for impersonation. Some of the effects that may arise from officers wearing religious headdress include-assault from the public who may mistake them for impersonators. The general public may fail to take the officers seriously while on duty for a mistaken identity. Such a case may be agitated by hate groups who dislike certain religious sects and can result in loss of life. For example, those dislike the religion of a police officer in those dressing may intentionally opt to disobey orders from the officer. Officers may face psychological torture due to stress while on duty particularly if they find themselves feeling left out. The stress may have adverse effects on their mental well-being. Religious intolerance is the main cause in for such security implications.

An employer can reverse the negativity from the side of employees using diplomatic means. The first step is to talk to all concerned parties about the issue. The employer should clearly address the matter in a manner that does not incriminate the employee and instead term it as a mistake caused by lack of knowledge on the side of the employee. He or she should try to come to the defense of the victim by giving reasons such as failure by the employee to understand the code of conduct. The person may be requested to publicly admit the mistake and promise not to repeat. The employer can also use such a chance to advise all employees to read, understand and apply the code of conduct at all times.


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January 19, 2024
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