Pompeii: The Last Day

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1.    Pompeii is famous for its tourist attraction, and it attributes its popularity to Vesuvius National Park. Million of visitors have been paying a visit to the town for over 250 years. In 2000 years ago, people of Pompeii were hit by the eruption of Vesuvius, which claimed many lives. 

2.    One of the characters, Julius Polybius, is one of the successful sons of a slave freed by the government (Wilkinson 56). Following his demise, it shows that Pompeii government is inconsiderate about the plea of its people. They are concerned about their well-being rather than calamities facing the society. 

3.    Gladiators are prisoners of war and their role was to offer entertainment to the wealthy people in the society. They were also used to keep the population of the prison at a manageable number. Some of them were used as guards when they were proven to be trustworthy. 

4.    Pliny the Elder is the Admiral of the Roman fleet that is stationed across The Bay of Naples at Misenum while Pliny the Young is a teenage who is a follower of Stoic philosophy. They are important as they demonstrate the transition from the old governance and philosophies to new ones. 

5.    Polybius understands the significance of true humanity, and knew that building of the temple would have made most of the people to change their bad ways, and focus on humane activities. It shows that in the past people were not focused on religion. 

6.    In case of such a disaster, I would try to find ways of saving the lives of less fortunate, and like Polybius, I would have stayed. 

7.    Although it is difficult to survive in such an era, I would like to live in this period, as it offers a chance to devise strategies that will salvage the society from the debacle. 

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June 09, 2022

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