Problems in Disney Junior

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From the case study ‘Walt Disney Company Headquarters, Burbank, California’, the major problems that Disney Junior is facing concerns its productions and creativity. The first problem in Disney junior currently is brand fatigue which can be sorted by robust marketing strategies. The company has been in existence for a long period but its services revolve around characters that give it brand fatigue. The characteristics are only identified with children at tender ages but are not identified with the ones that are consumer based. Therefore, in the face of brand fatigue, the company has to make a decision on scaling down the number of employees, retraining the employees, or hiring new employees to oversee the new phase of Disney Junior.

The second issue is human resource problem which can also be managed by either training the employees on the new productions, hiring new employees or retrenching the employees according to the labour laws. This issue is associated with the dilemma of handling the human resource. The human resource of the company does not perform to give expected results. Improving the operations and turning around the operations of Disney junior also require radical changes in the marketing strategies, human resource planning, and the proper productions in the company. Therefore, the company should conduct continuous marketing research to ensure that its outputs meet the needs of the customers. It should also develop an approach that ensures that the customers of the company have the requisite knowledge in the production. The company should also develop sound marketing strategies that will help in marketing the services it will offer once new services are invented.

October 30, 2023
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