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Post-purchase behavior is typically the stage at which the consumer takes additional action based purely on the product's contentment or discontentment. The buyer's level of acceptance or disapproval is directly related to the untrustworthy connection between their initial hopes for the brand and their understanding of the product's certain fulfillment while in their possession. If the performance of the trademark meets or even surpasses the buyer's expectations, they will have a positive perception. When their view of the product's fulfillment falls well short of their expectations, the consumer will never be satisfied with their purchase (Shin, Ko & Choi, 2017).  The majority of users always resort to sharing their experience with the close friends who might have had the experience or may purchase the same product in the future. Social media is one of the platforms that the majority of individuals resort to when they want to share the reputation of the product whether positive or negative. The friends would then give their views regarding the product so as to sympathize or celebrate with their friend when it comes to the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the product respectively. When people post positive reputation about any brand in the market, they usually influence their friends purchasing decisions in most cases, and they would be attracted to buy the same brands. In the case of negative feedback, the other friends would develop a negative perception of the product and can never go for the variety in the market (Alton, 2016).

The social media feedback about any brand name always makes people change their perception and can resort to purchasing even if they had no intention given the positive reputations. On the contrary, the negative comments will even make the individuals who had an earlier intention of making a purchase to change their minds and go for a different trademark (Redsicker, 2014). For that case, the sellers should strive to build a good brand name as people would always look at the commodities, recall what others say about them and end up making a purchase if the comments are positive.


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May 02, 2023

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