Consumer Culture and Global Consumer Culture

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1. Explain how the values can influence the adoption of GCC based on ONE dimension of Hofstede (e.g., individualism vs. collectivism), ONE dimension of Schwartz’ universal typology of general values (e.g., universalism), and ONE consumer domain specific values (e.g., environmentalism) that you choose.

Individualistic societies are those that view people as autonomous and they strive to achieve personal goals after careful evaluation of their gains and losses from their intended actions. Conversely, collectivist societies identify with in-groups and people strive to achieve the in-group goals. Individualistic is universalistic and will, therefore, adopt the global consumer culture based on self-interest while collectivist societies are particularistic and will adopt the GCC based its acceptability into the in-group. Schwartz's general value of universalism is anchored in universal justice, tolerance and appreciation of nature and people will only adopt the GCC if it conforms to the two requirements. Furthermore, the value of environmentalism determines the adoption of the GCC based on its consciousness to the environment.

2. Explain how GCCP and PBG can positively influence the relationship between the adoption of global consumer culture (GCC) and attitude toward global brands.

Global consumer culture positioning (GCCP) and Perceived Brand Globalness can positively influence the relationship adoption of GCC and the attitudes toward global brands. The two concepts can influence GCC through the development of better strategies that showcase brands as global entities. Additionally, the concepts affect the attitudes positively as they present global brands as those that are easily adopted in many countries due to the prestige and quality associated with the brands. 

3. Given the above elements that can influence advertising strategy, explain how advertising for Converse shoes works differently between U.S. and Japan.

Advertising of converse shoes is different between U.S. and Japan in that the product is at the center stage of advertising in the US and anyone can act as the advertiser while it is in the background in Japan where celebrity talent is mainly employed. These differences are informed by the distinguishable cultural values between the two countries and the different social processes. 

4. Considering that the U.S. reported moderate scores on Schwartz’s seven dimensions, what value(s) would you like to address in an automobile advertising in the U.S.? And how would it be matched with your individual-level variable(s) (e.g., personality, self-concept, identity, image, attitude, lifestyle)?

In the US automotive advertising, I would like to address harmony and egalitarianism in order to promote the progressive nature of environmental protection adopted by the automotive industry and inspire loyalty, freedom, and responsible attitudes towards a given brand. Furthermore, these concepts will be in line with the individual-level variables in that they define one's identity, image, lifestyle, and self-concept.

5. Among the GLOBE cultural dimensions, choose ONE that reported high scores for the U.S., and explain how this societal-level value could be fitted/not fitted with your individual-level practices.

 Among the different GLOBE cultural dimensions, the U.S. reported high scores in power distance. This society-level value is not applicable to the individual-level practices as horizontal communications and opinions of all are sought which is contradictory to the vertical top-down aspect of power distance in the society.

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