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The Code of Ethics specifies the moral character and behavior expected of police officers. (1989). The International Association of Police Chiefs has released these. (IACP). The police are supposed to have unquestionable integrity in accordance with this code of ethics. (Florida Department of Law Enforcement, 2016). As a result, a police officer is required to abstain from any actions that could jeopardize their integrity while on the job in order to maintain the public's trust in their ability to uphold law and order.

The code of conduct mandates that the officials turn down any gifts, favors, subscriptions, presents, gratuities, or promises from the general public. Such offers may be deemed as bribery or hinder one from fully executing his or her official duties and responsibilities honestly as required by the law (CSEP, 2016). From the code of conduct, the police officers are not allowed to receive private and unique advantages based on their official status. The respect acquired from the public is earned and cultivated by executing duties lawfully (CSEP, 2016). Therefore, the department ought to place such offers and gifts as bribe given for favoritism.

According to the Principle 2.5 of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Ethical Standards of the correctional officers, any correctional officers should report or take the relevant action on learning or observing conduct within the area of duty that violates the law and policies (CSEP, 2016). If such misconduct is committed by the immediate officer's supervisor, he is supposed to report the case to the supervisor higher in the authority rank. Such conduct may include possession of illegal substance, misconducts, or other actions that may violate the law and policies of the inmates and other personnel in the facility. As such, based on these systems and execution of duties and responsibilities as provided by the law, the officer should take the necessary measure such as reporting the case to the relevant authority for action. Therefore, officers should base their decision making on right policies and requirements of the law.

According to an article by L. Cusick (n.d), the Fourth Amendment DOES NOT apply to those on probation because probation is similar to jail or prison sentence and therefore reasonable suspicion or probable cause does not apply. A probationer, as part of the terms of probation, must agree to any search at any time. However, a police officer must not be malice and should have a reasonable basis for suspicion. A police officer must also have a search warrant in many cases to search a home, including those on probation. A police officer's scope of the search is limited when it comes to those on probation.

The court case where ethics was a driving issue was the disbarment of US Attorney Paul Howes. According to a journal by M. Neil (2012), Mr. Howes was disbarred by the US Court of Appeals after, mishandling of over $42,000.00 in vouchers that were meant to be given to witnesses to take care of expenses as they testify in court. Mr. Howe's instead, gave the vouchers to informants' girlfriends and relatives in a high profile murder and gang cases. Nine of the cases that Howes was the Prosecutor on had the sentences "substantially reduced" (Cusick, 2016). The Court of Appeals also stated that "Howes did not disclose the voucher payments to the courts or opposing counsel, pursuit to D.C. Rules of Professional Conduct." This action had a significant impact on the disbarring as well.

The court system is the most exciting branch or CJS. Here, the most ambiguous scenarios are interpreted according to the provisions of the law, ethical standards, and personal judgment (Neil, 2012). The reason for this is that the court system of the criminal justice system is where decisions are made that affect the public and also where corruption and failing to maintain professional standards can be answered for, and those involved in their actions of misleading the public can be punished.


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July 15, 2023
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