Project success and project team management

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A project team and its performance

A project team is a group of people who put aside their personal interests to work toward a common goal. A team's performance is determined by the abilities, teamwork, and innovation of its members. Additional factors that contribute to improved performance include open communication and well-defined goals. A project team must also create dispute resolution procedures and build trust among project team members. The backbone of any corporation is a cohesive and well-organized project team.

Elements to enhance team cohesion

Different team space elements increase a project team's positive direction and cohesion. The first aspect I will employ to improve team cohesion is communication; a project team must have open communication channels where issues are addressed as soon as they arise. Open communication lines improve motivation and collaboration among team members. Another element I will utilize is training and team empowerment. Training provides the chance to boost skills and improve team members' interest in the project. Leadership is also another valuable team space element that can instill a sense of purpose and commitment in a project team. Good leadership qualities include the capacity to build confidence, set goals, and motivate team members. Furthermore, leaders anticipate and remove stumbling blocks along the way and resolve conflicts when they arise (Scott-Young, & Samson, 2008). I will, therefore, ensure that project team leadership is strong.

Personal perspective on team elements

I agree with the element of setting up open communication lines and providing good leadership because clear channels of communication ensure conflicts and other issues within the team reach the team leadership fast and get addressed promptly (Scott-Young & Samson, 2008). However, I disagree with the element of training and empowerment because teams often consist of people with the right skills and competencies to steer it in the right direction. Though it is important, it does not serve a critical role in enhancing team cohesion.

Other important factors

Aside from the elements outlined in the paper, there are other important factors like conflict resolution mechanisms, work ethics, norms, and team goals that I would leverage upon to improve the unity and performance of my project team.


Scott-Young, C., & Samson, D. (2008). Project success and project team management: Evidence from capital projects in the process industries. Journal of Operations Management, 26(6), 749-766.

June 12, 2023

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