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Talking about your Hobby can always become an interesting narration, especially if your Hobby essay meets all the necessary academic standards. Fortunately, you can take a closer look at our essay samples on Hobby to see how you can talk about playing sports, music, anime, or anything that rocks your boat. As a rule, essays on Hobby are usually written in a creative writing style, which is why you should explore the subject you choose and provide interesting facts and information. It will help you to stand out from the other essays as you discuss your hobby and explain why you like it and how it helps you along. Make sure that you think over your thesis statement as the main argument even if you are simply discussing your passion.

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194 views 4 pages ~ 929 words
History of Trap Music

Trap music is beginning to grow as a genre in the music industry quite rapidly through other sub-genres. Even though the...

125 views 3 pages ~ 679 words
The Dance "Hand in Hand"

The dance title is called Hand in Hand. As the designation suggests, the dance narrates the real-life scenario of two di...

138 views 5 pages ~ 1235 words
The History of West African Dance

Rumba is today one of the common music and dances performed in ballrooms. Having only been introduced in the United Stat...

297 views 6 pages ~ 1490 words
Comparison of Japanese Folk Dance Styles

Japan is a nation with an exciting and rich history which features dance and music. The country has managed to re-ignite...

120 views 2 pages ~ 389 words
The Impact of Overfishing on Marine Ecosystems

Humans throughout existence are dependent on oceans not only for food but also for recreation, economic opportunities, t...

218 views 2 pages ~ 386 words
Analysis of Dance in Musical Films

How does the location of the dance change the choreographic elements in the dance? Give one indoor and outdoor example f...

93 views 5 pages ~ 1174 words
Rhumba Dance and West African Dances

Journal 1: Haitian Folkloric Dance and Breakdancing Learning about the Haitian Folkloric Dance and Breakdancing provided...

204 views 4 pages ~ 1019 words
A Lease Sale Transaction Advice

The decision is made by Ms. Williams to sell her leasehold stake. Before she will exercise the option to renew the lease...

142 views 7 pages ~ 1883 words
The Vienna Convention Research Essay

In order to defend and preserve the interests of all member states, the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties is cruc...

70 views 9 pages ~ 2304 words
Shoplifting - a crime

The act of taking merchandise intended for purchase and sale from a store or other establishment is known as shoplifting...

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