The Dance "Hand in Hand"

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The Dance Title: Hand in Hand

The dance title is called Hand in Hand. As the designation suggests, the dance narrates the real-life scenario of two disabled people. A lady by the name Ma Li and the boy called Zhai Xiaowei. Both of them lost their parts of the body through a glassy accident which made disable. Ma Li lost her right hand in 1996 at the age of 19 years through a car accident. Zhai Xiaowei lost his leg when he was 4 years old. He climbed on a tractor and fell off which lead to the loss of his left leg. Before they meet Ma Li was still a dancer while Zhai Xiaowei was trained by the National Special Olympics to be a professional cyclist. He had never tried to dance before but he has attempted a number of events like high-jump, swimming, diving as well as long-jump before settling for cycling. When they meet Zhai was persuaded by Ma to take a dance with her whom he suddenly turndown since he never tried any danced there before. Moreover, Ma requested him to dance with his one leg which found it difficult. Ma Li did not give up she went ahead and convince him better until Zhai agreed and accept to dance with her though with hesitancy(Chinese Intelligent Automation Conference, Sun, & Deng, 2013).

The Separation and Reunion

Due to challenges and difficulties which they face, Ma and Zhai dance partnership separated a number of times because Zhai had no idea of how to use the muscle mechanism in order to control his physique. He also lacked a number of other elementary concepts concerning dancing. They have trained for more than a year but because of the challenges, they could not continue to practice. The main challenge was that Ma Li was a dancer perfectionist while Zhai had no dancing contextual. The challenges made Ma Li frustrated hence she lost patience with his dance partner which caused Zhai to walk out. Eventually, they come together again, refresh their training and hired a choreographer, Zhao Limin who designed the routines for their dance.

Inspiring Others Through Dance

The main purpose of the story was to motivate people particularly the disabled that lacking some parts of your body cannot prevent one from achieving his or her dream. It encourages the disabled that disability is inability. According to the dance partners, the performance adversity has facilitated them to shape their charismas and up to date, it assists them to perform. Their main objective is to inspire other people especially the to disable to the sheen on the stage just like them. The music in the dance trembled the two souls on the stage hence it was the supremacy of love. The whole procedure was termed as the self-perfection; it was surpassing oneself more and more for the vision which they apprehended profound confidential.

A Heartfelt Performance

The performance by both dance partners has fetched blubbering to most spectators and viewers. Their story demonstrated through dance was impartially touching as well as motivating. The story is just so heart-boiling to read about the two young disabled individuals as well as watching their presentation. According to Frankl, the story is all about the two young people heroic struggling for individual perfection and self-esteem, other than contentment and joyfulness.

A Remarkable Pair

The whole story can be ranked as the best narrative which appears to be the perfect version of the remarkable pair of disabled dancers. The clip does not only motivate but again it sends apprehensions down the arms and deeply move the hearts of the viewers. Within the dance is the narrative which is wounding and loss, nevertheless, the final results are a strength, determination as well as beauty within the souls of the participants for having each side by side. However, the dance expresses itself deprived of perceptive of the complete facts about the narrative.


Chinese Intelligent Automation Conference, Sun, Z., & Deng, Z. (2013). Proceedings of 2013 Chinese Intelligent Automation Conference: Intelligent information processing. Berlin; New York: Springer. Retrieved from

October 05, 2023

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