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The ability to exercise social, civic, or economic influence over one's subordinates is referred to as leadership. It values impact, objectives, and approaches. Leadership is divided into three levels: transactional, pseudo-transformational, and transformational. The interactions that take place between leaders and their followers help to demystify transactional leadership. Prolonged engagement between leaders and subjects exemplifies transformational leadership. Pseudo-transformational leadership encompasses characteristics in which the leader prioritizes his own interests over that of his subjects. While the various leadership mechanisms mentioned have diverse outcomes, they should be complementary (Krause, 2015). This closes the gaps that would otherwise allow for a failure in the exercise of power during the manufacturing process. A system that has all the above leadership strategies are always destined to rise to the highest degree possible in terms of influence and affluence. This is as a result of the efficient and effective coordination between the stakeholders. They are part of the overall performance of a given firm or organization.

Key words: Leadership, Transactional, transformational, pseudo-transformational.

The inspirational leaders’ video encompasses transformational leaders. This is deduced from the rhetorical queries that are raised on the role played by the different pioneers. Demonstrations are used to make achievements using simple models. The What-How-Why model is used to elaborate how one can succeed using a correlation of the model to the major brain compartments. It focuses on individual needs (Kim & Byeon, 2016). It sparks off innovation. It is used for improving the performance of an organization, recruitment, promotion, selection and development procedures.

Maxwell’s Five Levels’ video is the direct representative of pseudo-transformational leadership. It narrates the journey to leadership in a passive way. It does not involve the audience. It draws attention to the individual. Generalizations are made between the talk by the speaker. He does not seek clarification. He integrates inspiration in winning the support of the audience (Gnambs, 2017). It helps at work places when addressing the subordinates. This fosters hard work and better performance.

Innovative leaders’ behaviors video shows transactional leadership. It focuses on only the aspects of changes that occur between leaders and their followers. It gives a brief preview on how innovators work. The audience feels compelled to seek further clarification (Shaw, Erickson & Harvey, 2011). It is exercised in managerial or supervisory levels whereby it is geared towards rewards and punishment. This helps to fill missing links.


All the aforementioned leadership strata are crucial but some do better than others. They are all complementary. Some are used concurrently and that enhances the performance of the organization. Choice of leaders should be given deep consideration based on the objectives in order to avoid negative externalities.


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