Promoting Equality and Valuing Diversity

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An essential objective is to promote respect for and acknowledgement of social diversity within the American state of Georgia. In Georgia, social diversity has become a threat to the state as a whole as well as to the workplace. This statistic is accurate because, of the 100% of people that show up to look for work, roughly 80% are chosen based on their gender, racial, and ethnic identities. Such behaviors have had an impact on both this state and the entire nation (Holloway, 2008). In fact, recent research conducted by the Americans Institutes of Research on this issue of social diversity at the workplace indicated an increase of about 20 and 15 percent on racial and gender segregation respectively. This year ought to have recorded the highest percentage increase regarding the social diversity problem compared to the preceding years.

Causal Analysis

The cause of this issue is yet to be defined explicitly. However, from research I conducted, I concluded something regarding the cause. For instance, in the case of gender segregation, the cause as that men are better when it comes to giving the best in their work compared to women. In the case of ethnicity and race, the perception that other races are superior over the other in addition to cultural practices and other norms are considered (Parrillo, 2009). Apparently, efforts have been made regarding ethnic and racial segregation. However, the latter is yet to be addressed fully.

Problem of the need

Once this menace is present in the society, people cannot live in unity, peace, and harmony. Development, on the other hand, slows down under such circumstances. Mostly, people see each other as enemies thereby conflict ensuing frequently (In Asumah, 2014). A research report compiled by the Americans Institutes of Research indicates that the most violence taking place in this particular state is based on the social diversity issue. The African-Americans who are mostly involved are fighting the injustice of being discriminated by the whites. In fact, the report identifies that the preceding year, 2016, over 100 killings associated with this issue were noticeable in this particular region.

Possible Approaches to counter the Social diversity issue

Several organizations have come out to help in fighting this problem. Based on the various causes of diversity and the results, measures and initiatives have been established to facilitate diversity especially at the workplace where the issue is common. Some employing firms and individuals have taken a step of advertising jobs on external channels to generate a diverse pool of possible hires. This step has of recent been fruitful, the number of jobless African-Americans has dropped to 40% from the previous 70%. Programs such as "The Mandatory Diversity Training" have also proved helpful. Through this program, the number of women who have been hired as managers has increased by 10%.


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April 13, 2023

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