The Adolescent Males' Recidivism rate in Georgia

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Georgia has an extremely high percentage of adolescent male recidivism, and this is because their prisons are constantly overcrowded with criminals. People are being sent to prison at a very high rate, and there are no appropriate educational programs available for inmates to participate in. When these offenders are released from prison, they simply resume their criminal behavior, which sends them back to jail (Hanson et al., 2015). To find out how the percentage of male recidivism in Georgia might be decreased, several rehabilitation institutes conducted an interview with criminals. The interviewer questioned the candidate on the following topics. What is the role of government in ensuring that there is no more male recidivism?

The role of community in ensuring that the number of male recidivism is reducing?

What are the problems, which are associated with male recidivism?

During the interview, it was found out that the causes of adolescent recidivism in male were due to factors such as suicidal behaviors in that most youth who are detained always think of committing suicide because they believe that their freedom has been taken away from them while they are innocent. The government also had started programs to educate youths while they are in prison so that when they are out of jail, they can be useful to the community.

The summary of the qualitative research article chosen during literature research was as follows; there was an interest in looking at the factors leading male making the recidivism offending. The mental health disorders associated with male recidivism has led to many youths tempting to commit suicide (Jones et al., 2014). Juvenile male recidivism is made unique because whenever the word male, then there must be suicide. The rate at which youths are committing suicide is very alarming and needs to be solved with immediate effect. The mental health of young people is always corrupt by the cynical minds of their peers whom they met with in prison. The correctional facilities need to have people who are looking at offenders in the prison whom have started to change or are expressing optimistic ideas about life.

The unique interest of this research is to look at the rate of a male adolescent in Georgia. There are both extra-legal and legal factors, which mainly influence the rate of recidivism in detention facilities. It is therefore essential to know the numerous directive programs, which are used in curbing adolescent male recidivism in Georgia. If the male risks disabilities or behaviors are identified, then it is important to note that early intervention to control this behavior might gradually decrease. Georgia effective public policy is aimed at reducing the rate of adolescent male recidivism and in this process, the public will be ensured of their safety.

Georgia's population mostly consists of the youths who are unemployed, which is why most of them are engaging in criminal activities. They have targeted chiefly the working class by robbing them whenever they spot them. This trend is not promising to a country like Georgia hence various methods needs to be put in place for the state to grow as a united family.

Part 2

The research ideas used in this project came from juvenile courts where most of male adolescent recidivism occurs. Most youths when in detention facilities, there are always some factors, which come with the prediction of subsequent recidivism. The study of Georgia in a population where juveniles are the most offenders, then one can easily relate and predict variables causing recidivism. Various findings from logistic analysis gave me essential notes to talk about this project; the results indicated that some of the juveniles offenders expected to commit a crime while others it came as a surprise because of the influence from their peers. Factors such as race have led to recidivism to not likely to occur at a particular place while factors such as mental health problems have led to many youths committing crimes.

Research problem

The research problems were, what educational, demographic, substance dependence, court variables, and mental health are responsible for providing detention placement which is very secure in Georgia. The method, which was used in collecting the data, was sampled from two courts in Georgia in a short period. The two samples were later taken for analysis so that a calculation could be obtained to produce an appropriate sample size. Since the yearly population size of the detained youths under probation was 12,000, a sample of youth population from urban center was taken, and it was around 200. The second number of teens from rural areas, which was 230, was also taken for calculations. The sample size was determined using three years from 2010, 2011 and 2013. The first sample size of 200 was calculated using the three years and was given a sample size of 60 in one year (2010). A margin of 6 percentage was given to the second city. The total duplicate from the two cities using the first two years were found to be 2010=90; 2011=100 obtained from a random population size form each town.

Part 3


The progress of this research was good since I was able to identify the two key factors, which make many males to commit recidivism. Their mental health's are always with problems and hence needs to be looked at before a person is considered as a hardcore criminal. Suicide was also another factor, which was being associated with many youths whenever they have been arrested. The progress made me know that there are a good number of male adolescent recidivists who can be put into secure locations because of their positive minds. My link to the prospectus research comes from courts to detention in that detention is not the only way which can help a youth whenever he or she is the problem. The topic needs to change through advising and counseling youth's whenever they are in the problem but not detaining them. A person may go into detention when he or she is innocent but may come out as hardcore criminal.


The problems and obstacles found in this research are that when I was conducting the research, some books could not provide specific reasons why most youths in Georgia are being arrested. The questions in this study were not that deep in discussing the effects of recidivism. The research also needs a person to reads more about the different cities where recidivism occurs most and should not only concentrate at one place. It is essential to do research more in qualitative studies so that one can be familiar with words such as analysis plan and guidelines. These words can be useful when one wants to write an excellent content analysis.


The plans for next week will be looking at the real example of youths who have come out from rehabilitation facilities because of recidivism. After knowing and studying these kids, then my influence on choosing the research questions will be good since I will have the actual data which I wanted. My approach for my final project will be very accurate and more attractive.

Part 4


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