Proposal for Motivating Employees

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Company Policy for Empowering Employees

Company managers must put their attention on empowering their staff members because having an efficient workforce is never enough. Therefore, it is crucial to create a corporate policy that encourages managers to give their staff members more responsibility. If such policies are to be successful during the implementation phase, they must cover a wide variety of the company's elements. This assignment's goal is to create a company policy that encourages managers to give their staff more autonomy.

Sections of the Policy Draft

The policy draft takes important factors into account when deciding whether to apply it, such as business culture, employee motivation, economics, managerial accounting, decision-making, and risk management. This paper is divided into six sections; the first section looks at company culture, the second addresses motivation, the third explores economics, the fourth examines managerial accounting, the fifth discusses decision making and the last section discusses the risk management. The paper winds up with a summary of the discussion from the six topics.

Company Culture and Empowerment

Company culture can be defined as the personality of a given company. In other words, it is the environment within which a company's employees operate. Therefore, when thinking of a policy that will encourage the managers to empower the employees, it is important to consider the company's culture. Some of the key aspects of company culture include the company's mission, the goals, the ethics and values and finally the expectations. If managers are to empower employees, then company are supposed to have a culture that creates an environment where the employees are likely to receive empowerment.

Promoting Informal Management Style

One policy that would encourage the managers to empower the employees include having less traditional or the formal management style. Company should adopt a more informal kind of environment with less rules that would limit the desired contact between the managers and the employees. For instance, when the company has no rules with regards to who sits where in the office café, say during lunch time then the culture is likely to promote contact between the managers and the rest of the employees. When managers and employees meet and interact freely without any stringent rules then the employees are more likely to get empowered.

Motivating Employees for Productivity

To enhance productivity, employees should be motivated. Motivation is beneficial to both the employees and the company. It is critical in retaining the best employees at the company. A company that constantly motivates its employees can be sure of realizing high employee efficiency and business success. Employees are at the core of company performance. Happy employees are efficient employees. They need motivation if they are to be highly productive at work. Motivation is critical to a company's success since it does not only benefit the employees alone but the company too.

Advancement Opportunities

Motivating the employees by offering advancement opportunities. Employees become highly motivated in situations where they are aware they are working towards a goal. When they see no opportunities for advancement, then they got nothing to work for. No one would like a job with a dead end. Offering the employees training to equip them with skills they require to rise in their careers. In addition to that, grooming the junior employees to get more and better opportunities since it will build the company's reputation as a good employer.

Providing Incentives

Offering the employees incentives. Incentives, even when they are not expensive act as motivation boosters. Employees feel motivated and appreciated when they receive various incentives such as movie tickets, gift cards, and shopping vouchers. Monetary rewards too are great incentives. When giving money incentives, it is important for the employees to know the basis on which the incentives are issued and how the specific amounts are calculated.

Empowering Employees through Participation

Empowering the employees as a way of motivating them. Allowing the employees to have a say in their duties. To achieve that, the managers need to make sure that they give their thoughts on concerning how they better their performance. Most of the time, employees have good ideas on how they can become more efficient in their duties; however, they fail to share them until they hare specifically asked to do so. By taking the pieces of advice that they give during the discussions, they will be motivated and feel empowered. For instance, they will be motivated when they have the authority to serve the clients up to some point without seeking approval before serving them.

Leading by Example

Motivating employees by being an example. It would be foolhardy to expect the employees to be industrious and act the way the managers want them when the managers do not set the example. In workplaces, good moods tend to be infectious. For instance, when the managers show enthusiasm about the organization's objectives, then the employees will get on board and strive so that we achieve the goals together.

Improving Communication

Improving communication to motivate the employees. Most of the time, the essence of employee communication is ignored. Employees often lack the motivation to achieve the company goals when they never meet their seniors face-to-face but just through the names on letters and emails. Frequent face-to-face communication motivates employees since in so doing, they realize that they are valued in the company. Also, it is the most appropriate way to show my gratitude for the employees' efforts towards meeting the company’s goals.

Considering Economics and Managerial Accounting

Empowerment involves the process of enabling oneself as an individual employee to take action as well as control of work and make decision autonomously. Economics plays a significant role in managers efforts to empower their employees. Therefore, it is important to consider economics in coming up with company policies that can be used to encourage the managers to empower their employees. Managers should therefore look for ways that not only empower the employees but also help in the company's resources in a way that is economical. That way, the company does not lose in its efforts to motivate the employees through the managers.

Managerial accounting refers to the process of identifying, determining, examining, interpreting as well as communication the information with the aim of pursuing the goals of an organization. It helps so much in making decision in companies. It is also referred to as cost accounting. It plays a critical role as one of the aspects of a company through which managers can empower employees. Therefore, in establishing a company's policies to encourage the managers to empower the employees, it is important to examine and take into an account managerial accounting. Managers should make the employees part of the process involved in managerial accounting. The key process will leave the employees empowered since they feel like they are part of the entire process. From there, they can make significant decision without necessarily involving managers.

Empowering Employees through Decision Making and Risk Management

Most of the time, company managers are looked upon to make the most significant decision within company’s that often affect the entire organization including the employees. One of the best way to empower employees is to make them decision makers. Creating policies that make the managers to empower the employees. First, managers should be made to delegate some of their duties to the employees, including those that involve decision making on some of the issues that directly and indirectly affect the company. When a policy requires the managers to leave some of their duties to the other employees then they feel encouraged to empower them. When managers do so, they feel they want the employees too to succeed leaving the employees more empowered since they feel that the decisions that they have made have some impact on the company.

Risk management refers to how a company handles any unforeseen circumstances that it may face. Most of the time the circumstances negatively affect the company. Therefore, it is important for a company to have a risk management plan in place so that it may apply it should any of the risks strike. Managers just like the rest of the employees play a central role in risk management. Managers can be encouraged to empower employees through risk management policies that do not portion the bigger part of the risk to the employees. Risk management should be played by all the persons within a company.


In summary, for a company looking at empowering its employees, it is important to have policies that encourage the managers to empower the employees. For a policy to be effective during implementation, it is important to consider at among other things, the company's culture, motivation, economics, managerial accounting, decision making and finally, risk management. Policies are only as good as the effectiveness of the aspects considered in coming up with the policies. An interplay of all the six aspects help in establishing policies that are likely to be successful during the implementation phase.

February 22, 2023

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