Public Sentiment and Electoral Socialization

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Without the active involvement of individuals in the political relations of the nation, the government does not function. This reality stems from being based on the will of the people. Nevertheless, engaging in the affairs of the country requires people to have political agendas that they are advocating for. In a phase known as political socialization, the population shapes their viewpoint. This essay will address how people are interested.
Specifically, there are many political socialization factors. The family unit is the main among them. Most children follow the political views of their parents and can change them when they grow to adjust (Conell, 1972). Another instrument that shapes public opinion from a young age in school. This instrument is second only to family in the development of political beliefs, as it shows explicit knowledge about different outlooks, allowing children to choose their favorite.
However, there are other systems that control public opinion of adults. One of them is media caused by people bringing forth values unconsciously adopted from television in their political thought processes. Religion is another instrument that shapes the political beliefs of adults. This is exemplified by the proportionate relationship between being religious and conservative in the U.S.
Social delineation is the last determinant of political socialization. Delineation such as race and class also affect adoption of political beliefs. Racially, the trend is that African Americans are democratic, when they are not politically marginalized (Thompson, 2013). Furthermore, Hispanics vote democratic, while most whites vote republican. The relationship between politics and social class is that their preference for conservatism increases, as groups’ social statuses are improved.
Conclusively, political socialization is a perpetual process in the lives of many. It starts from a young age, where public opinion is forged by listening to one’s parents. As one grows, education modifies his or her political thought. The media and religious beliefs are, however, responsible for informing public opinion in many adults. However, for most, political beliefs will echo the creed of their host social group such as race and class.

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August 19, 2021

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