Pursuing nursing

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Since I was a young child, I have always dreamed to become a nurse. I now understand the responsibility and professionalism that go along with nursing thanks to my nurse mentors. Since I was a young adult, I have been inspired by Florence Nightingale's dedication to her work and her humility. My motivation to pursue nursing as a career and a passion was her commitment and altruism. I think nursing is a rigorous and difficult profession, but one that can be rewarding and fulfilling with the right passion and determination. I am inspired to participate in activities that will help me keep developing my abilities since I have excellent interpersonal skills and am assertive. Comprehending and relating to people feelings and situations without prejudice and being biased is the foundation of nursing. I believe I possess those qualities and being accepted in Regis College for Accelerated Nursing Program will improve my skills and experience.

My genuine interest in nursing started when in my early years. As such, I volunteered in a nursing home to take care of the senior citizens. Caring for the elderly and appreciating their vulnerabilities strengthened my focus on pursuing nursing as a career. Additionally, I involved myself in human services and was providing direct care in a group home setting. I now understand the importance of possessing excellent care through exercising my capabilities and improving patient's quality of life. My desire to become a professional nurse has been enhanced and motivated further when I worked as a phlebotomist and patient care representative for Quest Diagnostics. The experiences equipped me with the comprehension of what it means to be committed when taking care of patients and understanding their situations. Often I would find myself encouraging my patients on focusing on the positive outcomes, and they would always listen and find serenity before healing.

Throughout my academic career, I have understood the importance of engaging in an education system that motivates an individual towards becoming a better version of themselves. Therefore, I believe Regis College will be the best option as I pursue the Accelerating Nursing Program. The college happens to be my choice because of its dedication and commitment to providing exceptional class and practical education to nurses. The class work has been acknowledged to prepare nurses with necessary skills required in the care setting. Additionally, the practical education that occurs through clinical placements ensures that nurses gain hands-on experiences. Therefore, through the education, I will manage to be extra confident and competent as I perform my nursing duties. During my academic career, I have understood the importance of prioritizing through being well organized and efficient. The skills that I am willing to transfer during my academic progress in Regis College.

Therefore, it will be an achievement to be accepted in Regis College since for its exceptional referrals and reviews. Succeeding in getting Regis College admission will expose me to clinical placements in places such as Franciscan Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital providing the professional networks that are significant for my career. Additionally, the internships will expose me to various aspects of nursing that will help me in gaining experience with different patient populations. Becoming a nurse will be worth, despite the challenges and emotional commitment, I believe it is what I was born to do.

Considering my experiences and academic performance, I will make an ideal asset to Regis College. Provided this opportunity, my commitment and dedication towards pursuing my profession will be of mutual benefit. I look forward to the admission opportunity.

April 13, 2023

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