Racism & Discrimination in Prisons

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This book is important in this sense because it describes a pattern that highlights the aspect of segregation in multiple states. The laws governing the minimum penalty for offenses committed in prisons are imposed with discrimination, emphasizing the relevance of this subject. The contents of this book further highlight the fact that bigotry has existed for decades and is handed down through generations (Murakawa, Naomi., p67). Riots in jails are linked to injustice and apartheid, which is also addressed in this book.
Stevenson, Bryan. Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption. , 2014. Print.
This book talks about the unfair sentencing of prisoners based on race and that deprives them of rights like other prisoners. From the documentation in this book, trend in relations to the prisoners headed for the death row is a show of discrimination (Stevenson, Bryan. Just Mercy, p54). Besides that, those living in the prison have nothing to smile about because the condemnation follows them all their lives. According to this book, the hopes of the prisoners are in the hands of helpless people who have to go to school then return to challenge the system.
Alexander, Michelle, and Cornel West. The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in
the Age of Colorblindness. , 2011. Print.
This book is important to this subject because it demonstrates the long walk to freedom and the racial limitations that are discriminatory in nature. This book brings out the most critical aspect of old machinations that have refused to die (Alexander, Michelle, and Cornel West, p89). This book brings out the genesis of the struggles to respect the rights of the people regardless of the race they belong. This book brings out the fact that it I easy to brand and discriminate against people of color from the society and follow it through to the prisons. According to this book a black criminal has scarce rights in every corner of the prison and society.
Easton, Susan. Sentencing and Punishment. Place of publication not identified: Oxford Univ Press, 2016. Print.
This book is important to this subject because it documents the events that took place between 1990 and 200 that highlight the level of discrimination in prisons. The treatment that prisoners got were racial instigated according to this book and that is important for this study (Easton, Susan, p154). According to this book, prisons were guilty of heard privileges owed to the prisoners in a discriminatory way. The timelines for the events in this book is critical in underlining the fact that the racial factor has been dominant for a long time.

July 24, 2021

Human Rights

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