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Rango: A Comedic 3D Animated Film

Rango is the name of the film, which was made by Gregor Verbinski, also known as Gore. The 3D animated film was produced in 2011 with no specific age limits for the audience in mind.

An Emotional Lizard Adjusting to Its Surroundings

The comedic movie depicts the life of a lizard having trouble adjusting to its surroundings. The majority of the scenes include a character who is quite emotional, which makes it necessary to be thoughtful and provide a better living environment. The bulk of the visitors that entered this community never lasted for very long, so the lizard had to perfect the art of blending in, which is said to be a difficult undertaking. It is an important movie as it helps viewers understand the various circumstances that people go through in the different communities they visit. Instances of appreciation from the public will contribute to aspects of having a better way of life. Despite the differences that people always face in society, a particular incident will contribute to issues of attaining the desired type of recognition in society.

Attaining Recognition and Solving Problems in the Community

Rango demonstrates the type of actions that may help attain recognition in public and earn a particular degree of respect in society. At the beginning of the movie, the lizard is neglected by the owners after an accident and would hardly receive a warm welcome from the characters that it met. Its need to survive helped him derive various techniques that would pull him out of danger compared to the general public’s perception of such characters. Rango meets the mayor who showed appreciation for his heroic action in the community and offered a significant rank in the area (Verbinski). A community that has belief in you will always provide support in various instances to help achieve the set goals. Assuming responsibility was a relatively hard task for the new sheriff with different duties raised and limited time available to fulfill the tasks. Nevertheless, adjustments to the region’s culture would help identify the appropriate means to solve the problems affecting people in the area.

Language in Rango

The film contained a limited amount of adult content that would create the need for viewer restrictions. The majority of the scenes in the movie demonstrated emotion. The character demonstrated a significant level of blend to certain instances, in the film to suit the situation at that particular moment. Rango uses statements that leave the audience with an ideal understanding of the discussion. A lot of emotions are applied in the communication techniques portraying the need to receive an urgent response to the discussion. Similarly, these words hardly create a feeling of being offended, and a viewer has an opportunity to relate to the situation that Rango is going through. In some instances in the movie, autocratic ways of communication are visible with different characters issuing commands in demand for results (Verbinski). On the other hand, some comedic responses are issued showing levels luxuriousness and frustrating the parent communicator. A Minimal aspect of stronger language is witnessed in the movie and insults that would seem violent to a child. Similarly, the different themes applied in the movie have utterances that may go over a child’s head having an influence in their model of communication in public. A viewer can also acquire the skill of expression from the movie based on the incident that is affecting your life. The application of force will hardly lead to the attainment of the required results for a particular activity.

Graphics in Rango

It is a 3D animation movie with various images hardly read by an individual. An individual needs to be keen to read these wordings. On the other hand, the images pull a viewer’s attention as they possess a funny appearance. The creatures’ dressing is another factor in the movie that demonstrates the high level of creativity that was being implemented in the movie. Additionally, during the scene of water collection organized by the mayor, the dried-out water was poorly edited. The mud falling out of a pipe onto Rango slid off his head, but leaving a clean face, which shows an aspect of great fiction to any viewer. The graphics would show some patches of mad on Rango’s face, which then can lead to an angered face for being smashed with dirt from an old pipe.

Cinematography in Rango

The act of making the animals move was perfect demonstrating the difference in levels of command in the society. The 36th minute of the movie shows the level of management that rango had over the public and the respect that Rongo earned from his people. The masses significantly followed an order with limited instances of violating the commands that are being issued by the new sheriff. The same scene also shows the type of attention that is offered by the animals once a bullet is fired (Verbinski). The entire group turns to the direction of the shot and await instructions from the individual that is seeking their attention. Nevertheless, failure to fulfill this action would demonstrate issues of disrespect and ignore the call for the masses to pay attention.

The sheriff is seen initiating the need for organization among the masses and protect their natural resource. The following scene, then indicates the immediate action from the group to implement the directions issued by the sheriff. Nevertheless, all activities executed in the movie were done in uniform showing the dedication to meet the set goals. For example, the incident of recovering lost water led to the entire group joining forces to retrieve the lost treasure (Verbinski). They were asked to pick their arms and search for the stolen item. If they never offered a combined effort with directions from the Sheriff, the entire population would end up into starvation as they wouldn’t have water for survival.


In conclusion, the movie offers educative messages to the viewer, helping them understand the need for unity and welcoming people into the society we are living. The director used minimal strong words in the movie which leaves the public with better morals and communication techniques after watching the movie. It is an explicit animated movie with no adult content and can be used to make children happy. However, viewer description should be offered to the majority of the scenes in the movie as they demonstrate emotion. It is advised for children over 10 years old due to the aspect of their ability to have control over certain words, but will cause damage to children below the age of ten. The director also uses various reaction techniques with the characters that can be used to show levels of concern on a particular event. Rango demonstrates an aspect of control and bravery to the public which helps him earn the required level of respect from the followers. Nevertheless, a viewer can also use the scenes in the introduction to identify the theme of the movie and also make a prediction of how the movie might end.

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Rango. Dir. Gore Verbinski. Perf. Jonny Depp. 2011. Retrieved from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzBGijXRTGk

April 06, 2023


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