Reaction Wheel and Inertial Guidance

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A. Reaction Wheel

A reaction wheel primary objective is to actively control the rotation position and the spacecraft velocity at the flywheel axis. This is done by rotating the flywheel in the direction that is opposite of what the spacecraft moves to. Also, it provides the aircraft a constant angular velocity by setting the wheel to rotate continuously at the in a different way. Also to it controls the spacecraft torque by spinning the flywheel slowly upwards. It controls the attitude without using fuel designed for rockets.

B. Momentum Wheel

While a momentum wheel core objective makes the rotation of the spacecraft stable at the two axes of the right angles of the flywheel. It measures the time or duration a spacecraft will continue to rotate at a particular point until acted upon by torque.

C. Ring Laser Gyro

Ring laser gyro is defined as the indicator of a spacecraft that is moved by strong air that spin it very fast. When a rotational force exerted on the gyro, and it assembles acts in different ways that can be predictable. First is resists the rotational force and rotates on or around its gimbal axis. This course of action makes it easy to measure the rate of return of an airplane or spacecraft. When the spacecraft turns to the right direction, the gyroscope goes the opposite way. Thus the wheel top on the spacecraft moves in the opposite direction.

D. Inertial Guidance

Inertial guidance is an electronic system that monitors the velocity, the position, and acceleration of a spacecraft by controlling the use of base station calculation. It uses computers and technology for the continuous monitoring. An example of the inertial guidance spacecraft is the Delco Carousel or Minuteman missile.

September 18, 2023

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