Reasons for choosing Engineering

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I chose Engineering

I would like to explain why I decided on engineering over all other options. My fascination with and attachment to the outside world have been present since I was a young kid. I perused the Ladybird series of how-things-work books as well as observed the objects around me in an effort to understand how they functioned. These elements played a part in my attraction to the scientific underpinnings of contemporary living. When I began high school, I then started to show an interest in engineering.

My Academic Strengths

My academic strengths have always been mathematics and science, and I have a natural aptitude in these fields. I did not have to work too hard to achieve high grades for instance when learning mathematical multiplication; I could come up with my ways to solve the problem instead of using the way that the teacher wanted us to use. I could also find a way that I could easily remember how to multiply a factor by a number and come up with the correct answer just like the others. High school was still interesting for me because I could still come up with new ways of doing things. I once did a science project about molecules and parts of an atom but did not have enough time because I had procrastinated to do it for a while, I ended up using a poster board and cotton balls to make an info graph. When I finally turned it in, I was surprised by the reaction of my teacher who was very impressed by my work, and it was hung on the wall for all the other students to see.

My Urge to Reconstruct

Another main reason why I am an engineering student is that in Iraq, where I come from, I have witnessed so much destruction, and many of my latest memories are those of destruction and violence which have been happening lately. Seeing how roads, buildings, infrastructure and even people getting destroyed made me more conscious whenever I am around people. A strong urge grows within me to condemn acts of destruction and reverses them giving me the urge to reconstruct.

Influenced by my Father

I have therefore initiated a tendency within myself to help people to build instead of to destroy. My father who is an electrical Engineer influenced me as a teenager by his work in electrical grid construction that amazed me. Sometimes I would accompany him to work and to see what he was doing drove me further into wanting to become an engineer and when I came to this country one of the first things I did was to pursue my educational goal to become an Engineer. Although I faced many challenges but managed to overcome them. I am glad that am applying to one of the best engineering schools nationwide if not worldwide.

Personal Qualities

The determination to have things done and the ability to adapt to different situations are the personal qualities that define me most. These abilities have greatly helped me to achieve my personal and academic success in my life. The challenges I faced were mainly those issues that most new immigrants face in the United States of America. They include new cultures to adapt to, the new life systems and the new standards of United States, as well as the assimilation to appropriate American traditions and values that one may have to go through to become actively involved in the society. The language barrier was also a challenge not because I could not communicate in English but because developing proficiency in the aspects of communication levels was a problem, but after determination and periods of hard work, I had solved the communication problem completely.

Overcoming Challenges

My achievements included overcoming these problems in such a small period because I had come to America as a refugee just a few years ago and to my classmates, I was a foreigner, a refugee, an immigrant and just the new guy. Although the comments from my classmates hurt in the beginning, looking back now, I am more grateful because those same comments gave me the zeal and determination to work harder to assimilate and become a part of the society. They also helped me to enhance and change the image of immigrants to a positive one because I was able to prove that nothing could stop one from achieving their dreams. Not even cultures, ethnicity, race or financial barriers. I am grateful to our sponsor organizations because they influenced and helped me to strive to excel and work hard. They helped us to resettle in San Diego and reestablished our lives. Their good deeds push me to volunteer to help the organization to return the favor they gave us when we needed help. I, therefore, became a volunteer who translates and helps new refugees to resettle and find new jobs.

Academic and Social Adaptation

As a newcomer, I have to double my efforts both academically and socially to adapt to the new society and education systems as well as keeping up with every aspect of my academical goals.

Passion for Analytical Thinking

As a child, I developed an interest in ways to make my brain work analytically, and now I can use this ability to make my life simpler and being able to work in these conditions has been a task all my life. Having been influenced by my father who is also an engineer since I was a child, I find myself visiting this place during my free time, especially over summer and spring.

Interest in Engineering Sciences

Being the distinguished student in physics class severally, I was able to pioneer many school projects and activities in physics class. The tendency of mechanical portions of science led me to be more interested in a physics-related career, and that was how I began to research more on the different types of engineering sciences.

San Diego State University

I have therefore decided to focus my interest in engineering to a professional level, and I am aware of the reputation of the San Diego State University from the experience that I obtained from friends and family who are Aztecs of the university. The little I have learned from them has made me even more interested in to obtain my professional examination from San Diego State University because I am assured that as a graduate from the university, I will be highlighted in my career as well as in my social opportunities.

Impact of San Diego State University

Being at the San Diego State University has enabled me to gain an opportunity as an intern at the Space and Naval Warfare System Command. All this I attribute to the San Diego State University because it has shaped me to who in am as a third and final year at the University.

June 19, 2023
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