Relaxation Techniques and Their Effects

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We all face situations which bring about stress to our lives. These situations ranges from minor worries such as traffic jams to serious ones such as losing a loved one. Considering the fact that we cannot avoid all the sources that cause stress in our lives, we can clearly develop the healthier way of responding to them. Here we discuss some relaxation techniques and how they are supposed to work.


First, we have Autogenic training. This is a technique that uses body's natural relaxation response to deal with unrequired physical and mental symptoms. It teaches the body to respond to what you command it to do. For that matter, it is possible to gain control over body functions that are normally unable to control. They may include blood pressure, digestion as well as breathing (Greenberg, 2006). The technique stimulates a warmth like feeling to the blood circulation and heaviness to muscular and skeletal systems.

Secondly, we have Meditation. It is a practice that involves focusing on breathing while sitting comfortably. It involves bringing the mind to the present without swaying to the past or future (Greenberg, 2006). This practice alters the neural pathway of the brain making the person more resilient to stress.

Thirdly, we have Guided Imagery where soothing places, scenes or even experiences are conjured in the mind to help in relaxing and focusing. It mostly works by reinforcing the positive vision of oneself.


Between the two discussed relaxation techniques, Autogenic training will work the best for me. Unlike meditation, autogenic training involves gaining control over body functioning which can completely lead to full relaxation. Meditation involves a lot of practice and incases of distraction one may lose the gained peace. Apart from these two relaxation techniques, deep breathing and nature walking can greatly improve my relaxation. Deep breathing counters the stress effects slowing the rate of heartbeat and lowering the blood pressure (Davis & McKay, 2008). Walking on peaceful environment boosts endorphins production which in-turn improves mood and stimulates relaxation.


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Davis, M., Eshelman, E. R., & McKay, M. (2008). The relaxation and stress reduction workbook. New Harbinger Publications.

November 13, 2023

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