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Relocation in American History

I correspond entirely with your observation about the current state. One may mark that politicians have been showing a lot of distrust and resentment for Muslim people openly. Despite their verbal affects, they never took any real actions to harm or sanction any Muslim individual. One may assign this to the model that Americans acquired following Japanese-Americans' relocation throughout World War II. Japanese-Americans must have encountered many struggles when they were obliged to trade their assets, abandon their cities and families and relocate to camps with barb-wired boardings. Mirroring the previous history, it makes me thankful for the security and comfort I enjoy in my life presently. Undoubtedly, many people around the world are feeling lonely and frightened just like the Japanese-American people did in the past. The present situation may be different from the past eras, but individuals hold similar feelings.

Response 2

The harassment of Muslims is arguably motivated by emotions and perspectives of individuals at a person level. Indeed, the government of the United States has not passed any law that targets American Muslims (not that I know of at least). I don't think that one should hold the American government accountable for anything that the citizens do out a personal conviction. I am unsure whether or not to support the move by the government to ban individuals from certain Islamic countries from traveling to the United States. On the one hand, I find it agreeable given that terrorist may disguise themselves as refugees and migrate into the country without being detected. On the other hand, terrorism threat still remains whether or not individuals are restricted from migrating into the country. Therefore, it would be better to risk the danger while saving lives of the refugees who are in need.

Response 3

I agree with your argument that one cannot justify the Americans’ decision to relocate the Japanese-Americans into camps during the WWII. There could be other political-motivated reasons that led to such actions. Moreover, you are right to compare and highlight the similarity between the situations that Japanese-Americans experienced during WWII and what the Muslims in the United States are experiencing presently. Further, one may agree with the argument that the current situation is attributed to the wide-spread terrorist attack in countries that have allowed Islamic immigrants into their countries.

July 24, 2021

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