Republicans and Democrats Parties Difference

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The Republican and Democratic Parties

The Republican and Democratic parties have dominated the political landscape in the United States. Their political philosophies and ideas are completely different, making each of the parties distinct in their own way (Fagen, 2014). Donald Trump was elected on a Republican ticket in the recently ended general elections in the United States, while Hillary Clinton was elected on a Democratic ticket.

Disagreements between Republicans and Democrats

Republicans have always been perceived to be on the right side of the political spectrum, whereas Democrats have always been considered to be on the left side of the political spectrum. The Republicans are well known for their conservativeness in the society. They are also known to reject bureaucracy to a large extent (McGee, 2016). They are closely linked to the government. Republicans use the Darwinist approach whereby the strong always rise to the top. The conservativeness of the Republicans makes them appear and sound more considerable to the people, for instance, they are of the opinion that taxes should not be increased for anybody in the society be if for a rich person or the poor. On the other hand, the liberal nature of the Democrats makes them look at things in a different perspective which only favors the government (McGee, 2016). For instance, they are of the opinion that taxes should be increased to boost the government's income. For the Democrats, social responsibility is key in decision making while for the Republicans individual rights are what is key. Logically speaking, it would always be fair to think of oneself first, and improving oneself before going ahead to improve the society. Treating societal responsibility ahead of one's self-responsibility is complete hypocrisy (Bartels, 2016).

Absurd Ideologies and Different Views

One of the other absurd ideologies that the Democrats wanted to introduce is one of gay marriages. The Republicans are opposed to this ideology completely and feel that it is not socially upright to engage in same-sex marriages because this is defiantly going against the rule of nature. The liberal mode of thinking of the Democrats encourages them to support abortion and support Roe versus, Wade. Abortion involves the termination of fetuses before they reach term, which is murder. From the liberal thinking of the Democrats, they are of the opinion that abortion should be encouraged and made legal while, on the other hand, the Republicans feel that abortion should be denounced and not made legal by all means (Webb, 2013). The Republicans have an absolute value for life hence neither abortion nor Roe and versus Wade is an opinion to them. The Republicans also support the significant death penalty for anyone who is caught with a murder case. This is opposed to the belief of the Democrats who are of the opinion that the death penalty should be done away with. When it comes to government regulations, the Republicans are of the view that if government regulations are applied, they will tend to hold back the free market because the regulations will decrease job growth, hence leading to a decline in economic growth. The Democrats are of a different opinion in that they feel that rules are vital to protecting the priorities of the consumer yet not worrying about the economic impacts of the restrictions.


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October 26, 2021


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