Response on Michael Pollans Article “Why Bother?”

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The reflective essay "Why Bother" by Micheal Pollan begins by describing the issue of climate change as a major concern before going on to explain how important it is to consider it seriously. The author claims that someone might wonder why they should worry about climate change on a personal level when there are so many people in other parts of the world who don't. He advises, however, that by embracing the green energy mindset, one may motivate another person and in the process create a chain of people who are mindful of the environment and in the process succeed in the eradication of climate change.

Considering the manner in which the author presents his viewpoint on the now urgent problem on the planet, I consider that it is necessary for people to heed to the call and acknowledge that it is everyone’s responsibility to counter climate change. I think that ignorance is the primary reason that makes people to be less critical about the environment hence the need for consulted efforts to manage the problem. Thus, I support the author and emphasize the need for starting the chain reaction as opposed to bringing out the question why bother every time we are required to act on the issue.

There are two major reasons to validate the choice I made regarding the need for change at the individual level in describing the concept of climate change. I believe that every major change begins with a single action as described in the popular proverb “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” I, therefore, feel that every change initiated is significant in the realization of the ultimate goal. I also believe that the need for change at a personal level is relevant because it will create a culture that favors the change and that is less ignorant on the need to bother about climate change.

My personal academic journey is a classic example to support the idea of the need for people to take up the challenge and embrace climate change efforts. I remember my mother asking me what I wanted to become and I would say I wanted to grow up to be a professor. However, weeks later when I had to step to pre-kindergarten, I was opposed to the idea of going to school and my mother would scold me. I even remember how to claimed that the journey to being a professor starts at kindergarten. I did not understand much but I would say two decades later, my dream is even closer even though I have not yet realized it. It thus explains that if my journey started over twenty-years ago, there is still much effort that people can so to overcome the menace of climate change.

In summary, it is critical to underscore the fact that the author of the article intended to create an awareness and challenge those who do not bother about climate change to reconsider their perceptions. While it could look like a huge challenge, it can be simplified by starting at a personal level and embracing the going green idea. I support this stand proposed by Michael Pollan because I can relate it to my academic journey in the realization of the dream of being a professor.


Pollen, Michael. n.d. “Why Pollen.” Reading.

June 19, 2023
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