Responsibility and superhuman status

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One would assume that the solution to this question is clearly dependent on a moral compass. In fact, however, most persons have the capacity to do both good and bad deeds. The one that wins out at any moment not only deepens the genes and the upbringing but also the conditions in which those born with supernatural powers find themselves (Oremus). In a study to determine how superpowers could affect moral decisions, sixty volunteers were recruited for the research program where thirty of them were granted the power of flight, similar to existing fictional characters such as superman (Oremus). The others rode as passengers in a helicopter. Each of the recruits had the same mission, to cruise over a city following an earthquake in search of a stranded child. The experiment was rigged in such a manner that every recruit would find and save the boy in time. After the mockup, the experimenter sat down to examine each subject. As they were discussing, the experimenter, accidentally knocked over the canister of pens and waited for 5 seconds before picking them up. The volunteers in the helicopter group took some time to start helping clean the spill while some did not get involved at all. But those in the superhuman setting jumped in with most coming to experimenters aid even before she began gathering the spill. The research concluded that people might treat an extraordinary ability as some sort of gift that bears the responsibility to others. This finding is encouraging, contrary to the Maxim belief that power corrupts.

The key to the mysteries of human nature is to be found in the concept of the society. The society refers to the human being in his social relations and every human being that is and individual embodiment of social relation, a product not only of the existing social system but of the entire world history (Emerson). He absorbs what has been accumulated by the centuries and passed on through traditions and cultures. The contemporary man conveys the eternities of history as well as his own. His character is a concentration of the various strata that is influenced in culture. He is not only influenced by modern mass media, but also by writings of all time and every nation. The modern man depicts the life of the past and the focus of the treasure of knowledge, skills and abilities and wisdom that have been accumulated over time.

The individual is free given the circumstance that he only serves a means aimed at realizing the objectives of the dominant class and its party but who is himself, the chief goal of the society, the object of all its plans and provision. The main condition for the liberation of the individual by another of hunger and poverty, and the reiteration of man’s sense of pride. This is the kind of society that the ideal socialists dreamed of. In contrast to the conventional workers, socialism require striking gifted personalities with a number of initiatives. At the end of the day, a person with a sense of perspective is considered as the highest ideal of the creative activity of the socialist society.

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July 24, 2021

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