Resurgence of White Supremacy Groups

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The “alternative right” is a poorly formed movement that despises conventional conservatism, liberal multiculturalism, and hate speech. This is an insightful outlet that calls attention to the origins and emergence of the “Alt-right,” an ideology that made headlines during the elections and election of Donald Trump as President of the United States in 2016. The source's most important concept is about the recent rise of the "Alternative Right" and other affiliated movements. Its timing leads to speculation that its growth has been catalyzed by the campaigns and election of the US president, Donald Trump, the open platform of social media which has facilitated in promoting their ideologies, and the underlying historical forces that want to install mainstream conservatism and multicultural liberalism in the regime.

The purpose of the author to write this article was to present a survey about the context of the “alternative right,” its origin, its affiliate movements, and its beliefs in the present time and how its relationship with Donald Trump’s administration likely to affect the society. The Ctrl-Alt-Delete can be used when referring to racism and reactionary populism that is the cresting and recession of globalization tides in a democracy. The author targets the masses to prepare and oppose what might come of the Alt-right movement, which seems like an opposing political force aimed at restoring racial inequality in the United States. The source emphasizes the threats posed by these movements, making assumptions that this could trigger discrimination of the immigrants and black people in America. However, this article fails to address in depth the real issues raised by “Alt-right” movement and draws more attention to the history of the action. The author has omitted to elude the provisions of the U.S constitution in determining the legality movements. According to the evidence provided in this article, the author’s theme was strongly supported.

Gordon, Linda. The Second Coming of the Kkk: The Ku Klux Klan of the 1920s and the American Political Tradition. W W Norton & Co Inc, 2017. Print.

The Ku Klux Klan was a supremacist group, most infamous, formed in the aftermath of the 1865 civil war in America by ex-Confederate officers. This is an expositive source on the return of the Ku Klux Klan movement, its ancestry and today’s appeal for intolerance welters. The idea significantly played out in this book is racial discrimination against the Muslims, immigrants, gays and lesbians, and the black Americans. This group appears to re-organize during the rise into power of the president Donald Trump, and taking dominion in the major systems of social medium and the newsrooms. They claim to champion restoration of moral values in the America’s society.

The author of this book wants to show the redefinition and legitimization of American values, sponsored by movements similar to the Clan of the 1920s that left a toxic legacy that needs to be reexamined today. This source can be used in the contexts of racial discrimination, negative ethnicity, constitutional human rights and gender discrimination. This book targeted the farmers, businesspeople, professionals, craftsmen, and women to remain vigilant of being recruited in these movements. It also focused the authorities to take action on these changes according to the law. There is much emphasis on the achievements made by the American democracy to champion against discrimination by faith, race or even gender, especially when she mentions historical crimes of sexual and financial corruption committed by the leaders of the movement before it collapsed.

The author assumes the fact that American democracy has grown such that going back to struggles like racial or ethnic discrimination is illogical. The source tends to dismiss the entire ideologies of KKK, yet there are genuine issues of Christian values with the movement that may be justifiable. There are no constitutional grounds provided in this source to outlaw or justify the KKK, and this is an omission. The main points of discrimination raised by the author of this book are evidenced by the actions of the KKK movement.

Lee, Martin A. The Beast Reawakens: Fascism's Resurgence from Hitler's Spymasters to Today's Neo-Nazi Groups and Right-Wing Extremists. Routledge, 2013.

The Neo-Nazi is a movement that is similar to the separatist activist's group that share ideas against the Semites and the love for Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler. This is an informative source where Lee arouses vigilance on the coming back of fascism in America based on the small number of people devoted to strengths of fundamental rights in the mainstream of politics today. The sentiments made promoting anti-immigration brought out an important idea that the Neo-Nazi tactics are creeping back in the United States leadership according to this source. The growing of Neo-Nazi is associated with the election of president Trump and the immigration sentiments that received attacks from foreigners. The author’s purpose is to address the form of radical authoritarian, characterized by opposition’s forcible suppression, dictatorial power and industrial control that could be gaining roots back in the society. This book can be used when addressing dictatorship, intolerance, authoritarian, and autocracy that exist among leadership in the world. The same can be used in the context of human rights.

The author seems to target leaders drawn from divides of growing democracies; the judiciary for being used by leaders for their interest, and the industries for being influenced by autocratic leaders. Lee’s book does not give the committed evil superhuman substantively, and these lack sufficient grounds to point out that indeed fascism is on the rise in America, and this lack emphasize. The author assumes that there exist interlocking relationships and key figures that have kept alive the strain of fascism by the National Socialist even today in democracies like America. The theme derived from the author seems to target leader’s sentiments rather than their actions. There is also severe omission where the author fails to describe how fascism could be creeping back in America psychologically or politically, but his argument is purely descriptive. This denies the author main point’s sufficient evidence.

Kipnis, Ira. The American socialist movement 1897-1912. Haymarket Books, 2004.

The American socialist movement is one among the groups in Neo-Nazi founded in 1994 in the United States of America, with branches in more than thirty states. This is an instigative source that provides the detailed account of politics of socialism that dominated the Socialist Party and the possibility of such politics creeping back in America. The main idea brought out in this book is the formation of a government that curtails the economic freedoms by having the entire financial system controlled by the central government. The election of Donald Trump elicited the fears for the growth of socialism in the US. It brings out rampant challenges that faced the socialist movement in history and today.

This book is relevant in the context of economics and opportunism in leadership, and the author targets anyone with interest in building a movement of revolution in governance. It gives more emphasis on the government and its involvement in defining the economic environment of a country. The author assumes that the current financial system of the United States is established under capitalism. The book does not slant but gives the account of socialism as it is, and the values the movement stands for. There are no omissions in this book since the author provides insight of the change that has involved in leadership before recognized legally. The description of ideology of socialism in the book and today’s direction in America supports the author’s main points.

Schoenwald, Jonathan. A time for choosing: The rise of modern American conservatism. Oxford University Press, 2001.

The modern American conservatism is a movement advocating for the defense of the western culture against intrusion by multi-cultures, socialism or liberal internationalism. This is book serves as the reflective source which gives the history and politics in the era of postwar and the current movements advocating for the conservatism of American culture today. The important idea brought out in the book is the re-establishment of the conservatism movement which tends to associate lean with the Republican Party. This raises concern that its growth today is fueled by the election Donald Trump who has addressed conservancy in America on many occasions. The author wants to display the return of old ideologies of conservatism in America that comes back in disguise of a movement claiming transformation.

The book can be used in contexts of revolution, transformation and moderation, and targeting the masses that fall short choosing between leadership and change. The book does not give emphasize on the efforts made by the movement to sell its agenda or rise to power. The author assumes that America is a full grown democracy, and therefore takes no sides when addressing this topic. This calls for the reader to make their conclusions. Furthermore, it discusses in details the ideology of conservatism, giving sufficient evidence of its main points using the evidence of what is happening in America today.

November 03, 2022


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